Another full day in the Garden

organic_kitten(8)March 12, 2013

Well, I raked and Vacuumed (really!) and weeded and Preened. It was a full day, but the roses are all weeded and most of them are mulched now. Most of the daylilies are weeded and the little new weeds are pulled, and I've made a good start on the front two iris beds.

It was a beautiful day, and I wanted to take advantage of it, because even though it is supposed to be freezing tomorrow night, the weekend is supposed to be in the 70s...which means spring (all 3 days of it) and the hot summer can't be far behind. Gotta work while I can.

Oh year. I used the wet/dry vacuum to vacuum up thousands of acorns. It works pretty well, and is much easier than raking them all across the yard.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

I weeded some today, too, and planted some lily bulbs I picked up at wal mart a few weeks ago, and planted 2 iris plants from a pot to the ground.and the body is telling me I should have quit long before I did for the day.Rita sent me 2 bearded iris last year and I put them in pots, so today they got planted.One pretty blue bloomed last year, but the nearly black one did not, so maybe it will bloom this year.Sounds like you really put in a long day today..Vacumming acorns is a new thing,I aint heard of. mY oldest daughter sent me a gift card through amazon .com for meto get some thing I wanted,and I ordered a cheap leaf blower and got it last week,I went out right away to try it out and blew all the dirt and leaves and pine needles off my porch and sidewalks, then the young dsaughter came,and I told her she could try it out if she wanted to, so she went out and was blowing pine needles and pint cones out of my walk area around the yard,said she didnt want me falling again on the things.The gift card was for my Birthday.


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Hi, Jean.

Well, I hope you had a happy birthday. Sometimes the iris take a year to become acclimated, so maybe the dark one will bloom this year.

As I told you, I cleaned up a good bit of the two main iris beds, but I have at least another full day of weeding there. DH is commenting on how good it is looking, and it is a big improvement, but I have a long way to go.

As if simple weeding wasn't enough, I have an invasive wild flower in the iris beds; Evening Primrose. You know it, I'm sure. Kids call it "buttercup" and tell one to smell it and rub it on their nose. It was more fun when I was a kid than it is now, I can tell you that. I actually got Round Up to a piece to see what effect it has, but it is a tough and on-going mainly chore to dig all the roots out. I think it is as bad as Bermuda grass and you know what that is.

The vacuuming acorns was an act of desperation. I have pulled up over 500 little oak trees and I vacuumed up thousands of the little devils (acorns) If it was up to me, that particular tree would be history, but DH wants to keep it. He isn't the one dealing with its "fruits".

You leaf blower should be a good tool. they beat raking in my book.

Please be careful. We don't want you being any more badly injured.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Thank you Kay.You are right,I can not afford to be injured again.I have not got over this last injury yet.. And I just cant do everything I done last year, as I have just found out.I worked outside most of the afternoon Tuesday.I did take short rest breaks, but, still,I have been paying for it since, but a tad better this evning.I was sitting on a garden cart, that I got from its made for sitting in the garden to work,and can haul some light things too..Anyway, even tho I was sitting,I kept getting up every fewe minutes to do some thing I couldnt do sitting down, and later that night I was starting to hurt every where, then the next day,I almost couldnt get out of bed. so I will have to be more careful in the yard.part of my problems are bad arthuritis, that got a lot worse yesterday.I am better today, Thank God.My youngest daughter came today to go get anything I needed at walmart or the drug store where I get my meds at.I told her I have to have her pick up my meds for me, then pick up a couple things at wal mart.She says Mother,I do wish you would remember how old you are and quit thinking you are still 18.I told her I dont want to think about my age, I only want to think about my yard and flowers that will bloom soon..OH and a comment about my Birthday. Yes it was very happy day. I love things for the yard to look at, and the young daughter brought a couple more things that lights up at night, a sonar angel, and a butterfly and aDragon Fly, then a few litle bees with propellers on them that turn fast in the wind.LOVE THEM.


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