Camellia sinensis (for tea) source on West Coast?

modjadje(Willamette Valley Zone 8)May 16, 2004

Hi all, I am looking for a source to buy two Camellia sinensis plants, 1 gallon size. I had a bad experience with Raintree 3 years ago when I ordered 1 gal sized C. sinensis and got 4 inch pots while charged for 1 gallon size, and the treatment I received left me soured on them. I nursed those little 5 inch plants, treated them like my other camellias which all flourish, and they had nevertheless died by the end of the second year, just never was healthy. So, I am looking for an alternative source.

I want to order 2 plants of 1 gallon size from a nursery that delivers nicely sized and healthy Camellias by mail order, and hope that someone can recommend a source from personal experience. Delina

P.S. Doing extensive searches on the Internet, I did find Camellia Forest nursery who are located in the southeastern US. Anyone had good experience with them?

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posspix(z8 OR)

Greer Gardens in Eugene, Oregon lists them in its catalog. Google for them online.

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I got two from Camellia Forest in February ($30 size). The folks are pleasent to deal with, but I thought the plants were pretty beat up imo (spotted/deformed and yellow leaves) but appear to be starting to put on new growth.

Given the few alternatives, I'd probably order there again.

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Talis(W OR z8)

I have a sweet plant that I got mid April from Nichols Garden Nursery that's doing well. Gallon size, & it was $20, as my son picked it up for me; Blushing Maiden. They're more when ordered thru the catalog. I have harvested leaf tips several times for tea (7 or 8 at a time), I mix them with fresh herbs & steep them within minutes of picking. Love it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Nichols

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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

Talis - the link you included is missing the "www". It should be "";.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nichols

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Sorry, but Oregon really is not tea country, nor apricot country, unless you live in the high desert. Many nurseries in the valley will sell you an apricot tree just because they "can", but you will never find it a good investment! Similar to tea -- many nurseries will sell the plant, but it is a greenhouse plant at best in the valley.

Now if I could just find a way to grow avocado's in Oregon.....

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modjadje(Willamette Valley Zone 8)

Thank you for your input, folks!
Yes, GrapeNut, I also would give my eyeteeth if I could grow avocado's ... and papaya, bananas, passion fruit, litchis, guavas, and oranges ... I grew up in a subtropical place (Durban, east coast of southern Afica) and those fruits will for ever be my favorites.
I have realized since moving here to Cave Junction that the summers are much shorter than I had figured they would be ... a big disappointment, but I just need to adapt. I came from Placerville CA, and the Sunset Western Gardening book shows Cave Junction and Placerville as being in the same zone ... oh no, there are big differences! So I'm concentrating on trees and shrubs that go dormant, and on stuff like peonies (they grow very well here).
Well, thanks again for all your input ... Delina

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Hi to all,
I too got frustrated with finding nice Tea plants so I imported seeds and we have through much trial and error suceeded to raise a few thousand really nice 4 inch plants. My kids and I have started a little home business and we can sell them to anyone who might be interested.
Steve Behncke

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modjadje(Willamette Valley Zone 8)

Hi Steve, thanks for letting me know, I have sent you a private email. I have been procrastinating, pondering where I can give my tea bush a winter home if I keep it potted. D

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lizann(z9 CA)

I got some from Camellia Forest Nursery and was very pleased. I talked with the owner on the phone and she recommended the large leaf variety, and it is indeed the one doing the best. give her a call and maybe she will know what will work best for your area. I bought several other camellias from them and they've all done extremely well. I ordered the smallest size plants they have.

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hemnancy(z8 PNW)

As for hardiness, I have had a Camellia sinensis planted by a west-facing concrete porch for several years with no problem. I bought it from Burnt Ridge nursery in Onalaska WA. Sometimes their plants are small but the first one below says it is a gallon. They sell inexpensive seedling plants in a lot of fruit and nut trees. I'm still waiting for fruit on some small plants I bought from them after several years. Maybe some day... Nice people, family business.

TEA BREEZE - A dark green leafed selection. Widely cultivated for tea. Hardy to zone 7. Grown in gallon pots, about 3 ft. tall. Multi branched $15.00 ea.

BLUSHING MAIDEN - A pink flowered selection, otherwise similar to Tea Breeze. Grown in gallon pot, about 12-18" tall. Multi branched $15.00 ea.

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to: uniqueplants, Steve Behncke

Where did you get seed for camellia sinensis? And what is your web site? thanks.

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greenwitch(Sz19 SoCal)

Nuccio (in La Canada) grows everything Camellia, Azalea & Rhododendron. No website though. They are hybridizers too of some of the most beautiful Camellias. You might give them a call and ask if they ship.

Durban eh? Shame the accent doesn't come through on the internet! Ever thought of growing Honeybush for tea? Heronswood has a dwarf one now. I haven't seen a source for Rooibos shrubs yet (redbush tea).

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Dear fellow gardeners,
i have recently purchased seed for a Camellia sinensis. I inteed to use this plant for tea. Could someone out there give me some good instructions on planting, growing, and harvosting this plant for tea. You can email me

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