WANTED: fruit tree scions trade?

zestfest(7)January 17, 2013

Do people trade fruit tree scions on this forum? Here's my have/want list. Thanks for checking it out!

Apple scionwood: I have Florina, Jonafree, Karmijn de Sommeville, and Liberty

Fig: I have Desert King.

Cherry: I have Lapin, Bing, Stella and Rainier. Also have nanking cherry seeds.

Gooseberry: I have Yellow Hinnomaki

Blueberries: I have Polaris and Northland

Grape: I have a vine that is either Reliance, Canadice, and Suffolk. Sadly, I don't know which as the label fell off.

Apple: I'm looking for Rubinette, Ashmead's Kernel, Fiesta and Suntan apple scionwood. Also looking for crabapples like Dolgo to use as pollinators.

Hardy Kiwi: I'm looking for males, Issai, and any variety other than Anna and Ken's Red.

Fig: I'm interested in anything that would do well in the Pacific Northwest except for Brown Turkey.

Grape: I'm looking for Jupiter, Price, and NY Muscat cuttings


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I don't have any of the varieties that you are looking for...

I inherited a few trees when I moved in to my home & planted a few since. We have:

Apple - inherited NoID: insanely sweet mottled red & green
Pear - inherited NoID but I would guess that it is Comice.
Peach - Reliance
Cherry - Rainier
Plum - NoID yellowish red coloured
Black Currant - inherited NoID, roots easily, doesn't have to be grafted, just planted.
Blueberry - Bluecrop (very limited quantity)
Grape - Concord (very limited quantity)
Grape - Himrod(very limited quantity)

It isn't the best list... but its a start (: The last 3 plants are still quite small, so the scions would be less than pencil sized (which I believe is ideal for grafting).

Good luck with your scion hunt Zestfest. If there is anything that you are interested in, just let me know.

Here is a link that might be useful: nicky's garden

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Hi glynis3, thanks for the note, and the link to your cool blog. I don't have a lot of room for grafting scions and am still hoping to get the scions I mentioned, so I'll pass on your scion list, but I may be up for some veggie seed trading... I will update my trade list and get back to you. Thanks! ZF

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Sounds good to me (:

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