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bev_w(6a)January 23, 2010

Just wondering if any of the "regulars" here would like to share my J.L. Hudson order this year. J.L. Hudson's quantities are generous, the prices reasonable, and the shipping charges ($2.50 USD) are uncommonly low. Here are the "shareable" items on my list:

Baptisia pendula BAPT-42 $5.00

Cheiranthus Cheiri Fair Lady Mix. (b,h) CHER-1FL.$2.00

Crambe cordifolia. (e,h) CRAM-6.: $3.00

Digitalis purpurea The Shirley. (a!,h) DIG-1S. Packet: $2.50

Empetrum nigrum. (b,g) EMPE-8.$3.00

Fallugia paradoxa. (b,g) FALL-4. Packet: $2.50

Glaucium flavum v. Aurantiacum GLAU-2A ---- 2.50

Kniphofia citrina. (50) KNIP-6. Packet: $2.50

Lespedeza bicolor LESP-2 $2.00

Mentzelia decapetala (giant evening star) MENZ-2 ----- $2.50

Penstemon virens "mat penstemon" PENS-198 --- $2.50

Petalostemon purpureum (purple prairie clover) PETA-19 ----$2.50

Sophora Davidii (c,h) SOPH-7. Packet: $2.50

Tradescantia ohiensis. (b,g) TRAD-18. $2.50

Tunica Saxifraga. (b,h) TUNI-22. Packet: $2.00

Veratrum nigrum. (c,h) VERA-17. Packet: $3.00

Xanthoceras sorbifolium. (e,g-h) XANTH-4. Packet: $3.00

Here's how it would work. Pick the varieties-- at least three-- that you'd like to split in half with me. After I receive the seeds, I will let you know the total cost based on the invoice amount. You send me a cheque or a PayPal payment for your share: HALF the listed price, plus U.S. exchange, plus the cost of a couple of stamps for my mailing cost to you, plus your share of the shipping. The shipping cost will be split equally among the people participating.

Then I split the packets being shared, package and re-label them, and mail them out to the participants. A maximum of two people (i.e. me and one other) will share a packet-- the number of seeds you'll receive will be half the packet amount. If more than one person is interested in a variety, it'll be first-come.

Here's an excel spreadsheet that gives descriptions and seed counts for each variety:

Descriptions and seed counts

If you're interested, please e-mail me. I'll post here what varieties have been taken.

- Bev

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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)

Hi Bev, sent you an e-mail. Am interested in baptisia, penstemon virens and petalostemon. Judy

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