WANTED: self-watering pots, inner pots needed

elaine5678August 7, 2008

Someone gave me 3 of the outer part of the self-watering pots. Does anyone have the inner pots that they would like to rehome?

I'd love to have a few more of the whole self-watering pots as well.

I have a few plants to trade- this is straight from my trade list:

Aloe plants

Thanksgiving cactus cuttings

red & white together

bright pink

African Violet leaves (not named, I know the colors)

Strawberry Begonia planlets

Mother of Thousands babies- Kalanchoe diagremontiana

Thanks for looking!


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What kind of self-watering pots are these?

A few kinds are:

Home Depot's system where you have an outer ceramic pot and then a clay pot on the inside. Neither of these have holes. You then put water between them and the inner pot soaks up moisture.

Earthbox/Gardener's supply which is a large rectangle all one piece.

Walmart which has a very small reservoir in what look like normal round plastic pots.

Homemade Earthboxes out of either large rectangular containers or 5 gallon food buckets.

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They're the Home Depot ones you describe. I found a similar one on ebay with a picture to show you- see the link below. Thanks for looking!

Here is a link that might be useful: blue self-watering pot

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