Avocado for SoCal?

simon_growMay 9, 2012

Hello everyone, I just planted a Holiday Avocado and want to get another avocado to extend the season. Holiday is an "A" type avocado but I live in San Diego and there are Avocado trees everywhere so I'm wondering if I should get a "B" type Avocado or am I ok getting another "A" type Avocado? I'm looking for Excellent eating quality fruit with high oil content.

I would also like to extend my harvest season. Holiday is supposed to ripen from Sept-Jan. I was considering a Sharwil because it was listed on one website as a "smaller" plant and it is a "B" type plant with good quality fruit.

I was also considering a "Sir Prize" because it is also a "B" type plant with good quality fruit. "Lamb Hass" is an "A" type plant but its supposed to be a "smaller" tree.

There are so many varieties out there, I don't know how I'm going to choose. I've heard lots of good things about Janice Boyce as well. My yard is small and I am even considering grafting one of these varieties onto my Holiday. Considering everything I have mentioned, which additional variety of Avocado would you recommend for me? Thanks in advance!


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