Blackberries and raspberries in the landscape

trovesoftrilliums(5)May 5, 2013

Any one have unique ways they have incorporated brambles into the landscaping? I am struggling to find space to dedicate to them in the yard. Having them inter planted with other types of plants doesn't seem like the best idea-- I already have some blackberries taking over a cutting garden in year 3.

Raspberries on the corner if my deck are doing well but I am co corned about them taking over the whole area. I worry I am unleashing a little shop of horrors scenario!

How do you all integrate them into landscaping??

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If possible it is best to contain their root systems so they don't invade other plants. I have a 3-4 foot wide strip of land between my patio and a driveway and this keeps the raspberries contained. If you don't have a built-in obstruction to define the bed then I would use some sort of bordering material/root barrier that is at least 6 inches deep to surround the bed. Of course if the bed is surrounded by grass then one can simply mow over the invading canes to keep them at bay. I also use a trellis to keep the canes from flopping all over.

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