dehydrating dandelion leaves

puffysmom(54166)May 11, 2007

Hi. I have been searching the net to try to get information on this. I want to know if one can dehydrate dandelion leaves when they r bigger. Everything I read says to eat dandelion leaves when they first appear in spring. Well it is spring but they have been around for a bit now. I want to make my own tea leaves as they cost so much to buy and just need to know if one can use the leaf when they r bigger. Also do u strip the leaf off of the stem? Just using the outer green part and not the center?

I have a dehydrater and would love to start drying leaves.

Thanks for your help.

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Dandelion leaves can be dried at any age, but only for short term use, as I believe they lose their nutritive and medicinal value fairly quickly upon drying.

You can also create a leaf tincture, or a leaf and flower tincture, by filling a clean bottle with leaves and pouring over them a good vinegar, vodka or brandy. Cap the bottle (or cork if using vinegar) and leave to develop for about 6 weeks, after which some tincture can be taken as tonic, or added to soups, salad dressings or other recipes.

If you have a large stand, in the fall you could dig the roots of several plants, and dry those. Dried roots are a good medicinal, and can be roasted for a coffee additive or substitute. I have never had enough roots to do this, but it sounds wonderful.

If your dandelions need to be moved, you could consider transplanting them into flower beds or large pots where they will be safe from lawnmowers and pesticides. Then you can enjoy them fresh.

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Thanks. I have boughten dried dandelion leaves from the Health Food Store so i assume that they r not all that good seeing as how i don't know how long they have been there and even how long it has been since they were picked.

Thanks for the info on the leaf tincture. I will try that.

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If you don't mind using the root (it's got lots of nutrients too, the whole plant does), you can dry it. It's also a great substitute for coffee, I roast the roots in the oven on a cookie sheet until they are brittle. Not sure if this destroys any nutrients or not though.

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