small berry bushes

fruit_nut(z5 Denver)May 26, 2008

I am completely crazy about growing edibles, but I have a small urban yard that is mostly patio. The only planting space is against the house or garage, and not full sun. So I have resigned myself to planting in containers that I can put in the middle of the patio where they will get full sun. We just moved here last fall and I wanted fruit right away, so I bought several small berry plants: service berry, red and black currants, gooseberry, sand cherry, buffaloberry and timberberry. Can you give me advice about growing these fruits? Also, suggestions about other bush fruit that might grow in Denver.

Also, I have heard of "ultra-dwarf" fruit trees that do well in containers. Has anyone had luck with these, or know where to get them?


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thebadseed(5B NJ)

Don't have any of your berry plants, but I do have a meyer lemon tree in a pot. I've had it 3 years, and it's flowering now, it's only about a foot high - I just pinch it back if it puts out upward growth. Try Logee's catalogue, if you don't get it already, they have a bunch of fruit trees (other citrus, figs, pommegranites) that can be grown this way. I have a dwarf apple tree, but it's supposed to get 10 feet tall eventually. Stark Bros (where I got my apple tree) may have some smaller plants though...

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fruit_nut(z5 Denver)

Thanks thebadseed.
I actually bought a meyers lemon just a few weeks ago and have tiny little lemons growing on it!
I will get a Logee's catalogue and see if there is anything in there that I can't live without!

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mercurygirl(z8 Puget Sound)

I don't know your location, but if you're near the west coast, Raintree Nursery is excellent. They have lots of dwarf fruit trees and shrubs, with lots of info about plant care on their comprehensive website.

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