Wild raspberries

purpleaa(9b)May 6, 2012


I have lots of wild raspberry bushes in the woods behind my house. They are mostly young but a few are starting to produce fruit. The fruit is tiny and sour. I have clay soil--actually it's more like a little soil mixed in with a lot of clay. I am tempted to try throwing a pot with it. lol

Anyways, I have a spot I'd like to plant a raspberry bush in because I looooooove raspberries. I found a wild one growing in a spot it shouldn't be in, so I was going to move it. Is it worth doing that or should I buy a different variety?

Do I need to do anything to the soil to get it to produce properly? Thanks

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There is no reason not to move them and give them a try, but with how cheap you can find raspberry plants on craigslist, I would do both.

As a matter of fact, I am doing both.

I just bought a new place and I have a number of wild raspberry plants growing along the edge of the woods. I also bought 45 raspberry plants (15 of 3 different varieties) for $45 off craigslist. So, I now have 4 zones, the 3 from craigs + the group of wild ones I relocated.

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