WANTED: Pots, Pots, Pots

magimay(z8 New Orleans)September 22, 2002

I am looking for small pots like the ones you throw away after planting annuals. 2-3" would be great. I need these to transplant cuttings and seedlings, but I cannot seem to find them around here. I can only find fancy pots for way too much money. I have ordered some online, but by the time you pay shipping, you may as well have bought the fancy ones. Anyway, please look at my trade list to see if there is anything you would like in the way of craft items. I also have several years worth of BH&G cross stitch magazines and books which I could also trade if anyone is interested. I do have a few plants to trade - lots of aloe vera, well rooted and flourishing spider plant babies, and lots of wandering jew. Thanks!

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beth_b_kodiak(zone 5a)

have you tried mellingers? I think it is www.mellingers.com they have all the basics cheap. Not sure what their shipping charges run now, but they used to be very reasomable.

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fuddyduddy(4 WI)

How about the resale shops, St. Vincent's works here, or Good Will, that type. May not find any out on shelf now, but don't hesitate to inquire, lots of times they save it for the season appropriate. Ask at Wal Mart, they throw away a lot of stuff, also perhaps Lowes, etc?

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Dtkaty(z8b Houston, TX)

Large styrofoam cups work great for this - just poke holes in the bottom. Plus, you can write ON them.

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vic9(z4 WI)

Besides the excellent suggestion of the styrofoam cups, you can also roll your own out of a few layers of newspaper and a Campbell soup can...saw this technique on a Garden show.

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Hey Magimay~~

Check your local nurseries. I visit a nursery here frequently, mostly to look and see what I need to add to my wish list. They don't grow their own stuff. So they don't need the pots. Every so often, they compost some of the plants and they throw out all the pots. This guy stacks them up by the dumpster and I can carry home as many as I want for FREE. He's grateful not to have them filling his dumpster. And I get them in all sizes from the little 2" pots and six packs all the way up to huge tree size. The huge tree size ones make great pots just to dump your potting soil in. And I use an ice scoop to scoop it out as I pot stuff. Get two of the huge heavy duty pots and turn one upside down, and sit the other on top of it to put your soil in. No back breaking bending that way.

Hope this works for you.


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Darigold's and Dannon's 6 ounce yougurt cups with holes poked in the bottom are great for small plants! I even had a number of coffee mugs I was going to get rid of until I realized I could put the plant in the yogurt cup & then put that into the mug.

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I use large styrofoam drinking cups. :0) They are cheap, lightweight and easy. :)

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