Raspberries... could they survive?

oaktree_slimMay 28, 2007

hello all! i'm not just new to this forum but to gardening as well. so here is my situation and question for those with experiance...

there were quite a bit of raspberries growing in the sunny south side. they have done well over the years i've lived here but slowly began to get choked out by blackberries. I mean majorly choked out.

so i decided to cut the woody spent stocks. then i dug the raspberries up as carefully as i could. they have no connection to a parent plant as most of the big roots had died. but there were stil feeder roots that looked promising. i then lightly packed them in a wheel barrow with some soil for the night.

today i got rid of all traces of blackberries i could. i ammended the origional soil with some organic compost/planting mix and a little bit of hemlock bark. i soaked each raspberry stock with B1 at the root system, and planted them at the same level they were origionally growing. i finished this all with a long slow soak by gentaly showering the "new" bed.

now they are slightly wilted from the whole proscess but...

do they have a chance? anything i did wrong? should of done? could still do?

comments and advice for this unknowlegable beginning gardener would be greatly appreciated. thank you!


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Well I am by no means an expert... but I read everything I can get my hands on.
Most "experts" advise that we should do this type of operation once the plants (raspberry, blackberry, etc) have gone dormant for the winter season to reduce shock.

At this point the best advise I have read is to water the raspberry plants as if this is there first season and mulch then to keep them moist and weed free.

Think happy thoughts for them :-)

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