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jackernMay 10, 2009

I'm a newbie urban gardener and I'd like to get a feel for who else keeps gardens nowadays and why. Any comments would be immensly appreciated!

Why did you start a garden (for food, a hobby, aesthetic appeal, etc.)?

How old are you?

Where do you live and what type of environment do you live in(urban, suburban, rural, etc.)?

How long have you been growing fruits, veggies, herbs or flowers?

What is your favorite thing about gardening?

I want to discuss this on my blog, Check it out!

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until last year I lived in the city, and found that tending a garden was very relaxing for me, started off very small one tomato, one cuke, well every year I added something enlarging the patch a wee bit until I used all the space I could use, now that I live in the country I have expanded into fruit trees, fruiting shrubs and vines also putting in herb beds. I am at peace here watching my plants grow.

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Hi Jackern & Mudflapper,

I am joined the garden web just a week ago.
I am interested in Veggie, Herb and Fruit gardening.
Got my backyard ready just this weekend. (moved into the new home 6 months back)
I got a raised bed for my veggies.
A nine hole herb pot for my herbs.. did it just now in fact (i dont know how to use the herbs apart from the sensuous smell)
Got 2 oranges (tangarine & tangelo) trees, a peach tree, a lime tree,
4 asian fruit plants that i bought online. (these plants r just 2-3 feet tall with 6-9 leaves on them)Trying to figure out how to increase the leaf & leaf bud growth. Any advice would be great!!

I am passionate about gardening and this is the first time I am able to get a backyard to try my hand in gardening.

I live in Phoenix, Arizona.


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