Could someone help me select a Cherry Tree for these conditions?

njbiologyMay 11, 2008


Can someone help me select a Cherry Tree which is:


*Grows to UNDER 20Â Wide

*Edible, sweet; not a pie cherry.

*Appropriate for USDA zone 6: New Jersey

*Will fruit in mostly shade



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Your main options for your first 4 requirements are Stella and Lapins. However, I don't think you can produce adequate fruit w/o at least 6 hours of sun (and you may need even more than that). You might be able to monitor your site and pick a spot where a Lapins on a highly dwarfing Gisela rootstock might get enough sun. Although, depending on your site limitations, a taller tree might get you more sun.

Please note that I've done a lot of reading on cherries, but I'm not an expert by any means.

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