Dallas/Fort Worth Area Perennial Edibles

phasv2(Zone 7)May 8, 2012

Hello All!

I'm kind of new to this whole edible landscape thing, and I was wondering if anyone in the North Fort Worth area had experience with the whole planting food concept. I have a brown turkey fig planted recently, and I am thinking about planting a plum tree on the edge of my Red oak shade, but I was wondering about possible shrubs and self-seeders to put in my yard.

Also, I am wondering if anyone has any experience with the honey mesquite? According to the research I've done so far it is a native to the area, and I have interest in the edible pods that it is supposed to have in large quantities.

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I know blueberries and many varities of grape, especially muscadines, do well in our area. If you have room a lot of people have pecan tress. I also think peaches grow well here even some apples can be grown but I wouldn't totally recommend them. Thornless blackberry and rasberry also grow well in our native soil, just some food for thought :)

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phasv2(Zone 7)

Thanks Ocean Dweller! I would LOVE to plant pecan, but, unfortunately, I have a fairly small yard, and I already have large Red Oak, a fair sized Cypress, and a starter Fig, so any more trees I plant will have to be small to medium sized. I am pretty interested in planting grapes of some kind, and I do enjoy muscadine jelly, so that sounds like a great option!
I was under the impression that the soil around Fort Worth was to base for the acid loving blueberries and blackberries...Maybe I just need to do a soil test to find out exactly what my I can plant around here. :-)

Thanks for the help!

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phasv2, You should definitely do a soil test, Auburn and A&M have very good facilities should you decide to use one. They will even tell you what to use to fix problems if they find them.

Have you been to any of the wineries in our area? They are popping up all over the place and offer a ton of great ideas.

I know that asparagus given the right soil will do well here, and artichokes are okay as well, both being perennial. You might also look into strawberries as you can get 3-4 years out of them, but rarely a 1st year do they produce in the home garden.

Not to mention, nearly all of this can be implemented into a home landscape. If you go with some blueberries, try for 6 bushes if you have room all different varieties, from 2 early, 2 mid, and 2 late season that way you can have them all spring through summer. Or you could just get to early, 2 mid, or two late complimenting varieties. Personally I like Austin, Tifblue, and Oneill. I am planning on planting about 25 soon on our land when we get the well done, I am going to do to southern lowbush, the rest will be rabbiteye and will be planting them like that to get a consistent crop. You might want to look into things that attract bees for bluberry cross pollination to increase yeilds if you go this route.

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