Spring is coming on fast!

Cindy zone 6aMarch 21, 2012

The weather has been summer like here!! Breaking records every day. The daffodils are bursting, many are somewhat shorter than normal. The weather is beautiful, but I do worry, things are just coming on toooo fast. The daylilies are growing very well, and the iris look fabulous!! I even found a few buds on my dwarf iris today. It is so nice to be out in the garden. The pot ghetto is really looking good, not a single one lost over the winter. Gotta post a picture of daylilies!

A few pics of the garden.

The hyacinth are wonderful. Gotta put more in this fall.

Daffodils, I am afraid the very warm weather is taking a toll on them. I may not have them to enjoy for very long, if the heat continues. Many still haven't opened yet, but will any day now.

I set the time lapsed camera out a good month ago, set to take a picture once every 5 minutes, so I am hoping it will be a great movie of the daffodils.

Bowie and Whiskey certainly enjoy hanging out with me in the garden.

Babe has grown up, but he still enjoys hanging out in the garage!! He had his little 'surgery' and is doing very well. He is a real sweetheart, but he is very timid around Bowie, so I am reintroducing them a little at a time.

Bowie found his favorite place on the bench as soon as I set it out.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Bowie rules! Bowie is boss of the garden! Babe and Whiskey are looking good too.

What a pot getto you have going there.

Spring is going gang busters here too. My daffs are blooming away just like yours are. I have always admired all the daffs you have blooming each spring.

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Everything is just gorgeous, Cindy! I especially love the hyacinths and all the beautiful daffs. Babe has done some growing hasn't he? But Bowie really looks good too, and Whiskey is just a love.

I understand what you mean. I keep worrying too. Even the roses and the clematis are full of buds. In March!

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Julia NY(6)

Great photos of your garden and garden companions Cindy.
Ditto here on the weather being too warm for this time of year. However, I did hear our temps will go down this weekend into the 50's and lower 60's. Much more what we would expect for this time of year.


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Nancy zone 6

EVerything is looking good, gorgeous daffs. My eyes caught the squirrel-the best kind to have in a garden :) Bowie has the best seat in the garden, doesn't he? Babe has really grown up, not the lanky kitten I remember. I really have a soft spot for orange kittens.

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Love the daffs and got to love that pot ghetto, I have quite the ghetto myself. I actually dug out a lot of my daylilies and put them in pots this winter I got tired of trying to weed the grass out of the beds. Babe sure as grown up and glad he is doing well after his little surgery. I bet all the cats are saying Hurray!! for spring.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Good to see Bowie again. been a long time since he was in a photo.Babe is looking great too,and has grown.I like orange cats, Use to be a orange tom cat came to my back door about once a week, looking for a meal.he always got fed and I had hoped he would stay here but, he was always traveling on aafter a couple hours here. I called him MORRIS after the cat on the tv commercial.Thanks for including them in your photos.


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I love your beautiful back yard. Those daffs are so pretty. How many years has it taken you to accumulate that many? Love the cats too. Sarah

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Cindy zone 6a

Thanks everyone!! It has been a crazy spring for everyone! Sarah, I started planting daffodils in my yard about 30 years ago! So it has been a long process to get to the number I have now. I stopped counting at 3,000 bulbs.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Oh Cindy. I have been only planting daffs here for about ten years although I had them at my prior home also. I really, really love your daffs. But 30 years, no wonder you have such a great display. The past thre years I have really put in the most. They really add so much to the spring garden making a sea of cheerful color.

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Cindy-do you know what the name of the pink and white daffs are? I admit that while I am fanatical about my daylilies/lilies/iris name tags, most of the spring bulbs are just stuffed in the ground and I have NO idea what they are. I do love pink daffs though.

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Cindy zone 6a

Thanks again Rita, Your garden has inspired me to plant several plants, such as Lupines!!
Sarah, that pinkish daffodil is Apricot Whirl and it is wonderful! I don't label the daffodils, but keep a spread sheet of names, description and locations.

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