male and female rhubarb plants?

patsy2757May 8, 2006

I just purchased a rhubarb plant at our Farmers Market. The lady in front of me also bought one. She wanted a male plant, said she had a female one at home and needed a male to make more plants? She said the female plant have the flower and send up a bambo looking shoot? The males have the red stalks? Is she right. I've never heard of this but then I've never grown rhubarb before. The woman selling the plants said she'd never heard of it before and she's been selling and growing plants for years.

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Your single rhubarb plant, given the right conditions, will make plenty of rhubarb.

I've never heard of gendered rhubarb plants, but I have heard of people who will say things in public just to confound other people.

The color of the stalk depends on the variety of rhubarb, and to a lesser degree, exposure to sun and perhaps soil composition.

Rhubarb flower stalks do not look like bamboo shoots.

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