HAVE: Apple Pie, etc., scented hot pads

LibbyLizOctober 11, 2002

Just like in my "Americana-dyed twine plant hangers" post, these scented hotpads are handmade, & I'm looking for the same house plant starts for my son or myself as follows.

My son wants any of the following:

* Turtle Back Plant (Dioscorea elephantipes)

* Buddha Belly/Bottle Plant (Jatropha podagrica)

* String of Beads/Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus)

I'd like any of the following:

* Philodendrons -- Burgandy, erubescens (Blushing), & melanochrysum/andreanum (Black Gold)

* Epipremnum/Scindapsus aureum lutea variegata (Lemon-Lime Pothos)

* Senecio macroglossus variegatus (Cape Ivy/Wax Vine)


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By the way, for those people who might like the country look, they're made from denim jean pockets.

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