dead blueberry plant??? No leaves

ffreidlMay 1, 2009

Sorry if I already posted this - can't find the original post...

I have a blueberry plant in a big container which isn't sprouting any leaves yet this year. It should be sprouting already shouldn't it? (zone 6, NY). The branches colored up some after winter, but I don't think they colored up as much as they should.

Should this plant have leaves already? I'm in zone 6, ny, and it's a Jersey Blueberry.

Is there anything I can do to get it to sprout?

Thanks for any help. I'd love to save this plant since it's a couple of years old.

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Well I'm not sure about z6 but I believe you should have buds about to leaf out, if the branches look healthy it may come out of it a little latter, I don't know what your potting mix is or if you tested the PH, if your potting mix is too wet you could have root rot, get a good probe to test how wet or dry your soil is, the PH for Blueberries should be between 4.5 and 5.5 with 5 being the sweet spot! if over 5.5 use Iron sulfate and if its too low, 4 and lower... beats me! anyway good luck and I hope they come out of there funk.

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Thanks mudflapper. This morning the branches seem to be coloring up more, so I'm feeling more optimistic - maybe the plant is just slow this year. I'll check to see if the soil is too wet - the mix is a high proportion of peat moss mixed with top soil. I don't know how nutritious peat moss is - I might need some amendments, but most of the blueberries I see growing in the wild seem to be in fairly low nutrient soil.

Anyway, thanks for the advice and the good wishes for my plant!

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Very good news indeed! I now doubt that you have root rot because of the high amount of peat. But could you have hard water? I doubt that also because from what I understand N.Y. has some very good water; but would check anyway. Although BB in the wild will grow in poor soil; they do like nitrogen, as long as it is not in nitrate form!!!! Nitrate will KILL the plant, which is why I said to use Iron sulfate; plants get the nitrogen they need for proper growth and the Iron they need as well, I would also get a rapid test PH meter ( cost around $25.00 )not one that tests for NPK which would be a total waste of money... anyway although a rapid test meter will not be 100% accurate it will get you into the ball park and before I forget, if your plants should flower and not set leaves, looking like sticks with flowers; be sure to take ALL THE FLOWERS OFF!!!!!!!!This would be a sign the plant is very low in energy and none should be wasted for fruit.

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Okay, will do. You're a pal for the info! I'll get myself a ph meter and some iron sulfate and hope for the best. Today's kind of a cold cloudy day so I have a feeling my plant won't be doing much, but I think I see the tiniest beginnings of leaf bud on one branch. Wish me luck!

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Sounds like your baby will be just fine; just kinda slow to wake up this year, once active growth starts give it a dose of iron sulfate ( one tablespoon in a gallon of water ) If you can crush the sulfate into a fine powder you will get more iron powder in with the plants and less as sediment in the container you mixed it in... anyway keep me posted about your babies health; and the very best of luck to you.


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