HAVE: Prairie Sage Smudge Bundles

cullen73(z6)October 26, 2003

I am looking for other spriritual items, such as sweetgrass. Also I will trade for some items on my wants list.

Image link:

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Wow, your picture is really neat. What are they used for? Vikki

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I was wondering that too Vikki....what do you do with those?? I also saw your post somewhere about making your own incense, and followed the link that was replied and it sounds so interesting....Letha

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Prairie sage and other native sages (not your cooking sage) are used for purification ceremonies, used sometimes daily to once in a blue moon, by some native american groups. Sweet grass and cedar are also commonly burned for smudging. Cedar is more for healing and sweet grass, I believe is more for celebration. A combination of the plants are also used. Many groups like the Anishinabe (Ojibway or chippewa) people used herbs instead of sweat lodges. Sweat lodges were adopted by them and other groups after the white man forced assimilation of different tribes.

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Hi, I am new to this, My boys are Native American and we use sage for purification alot, I would be very interested,
We live up North near the Canadian border, there is a rez. 15 minutes from where we live.
I have a few trades;
broom corn-red-black
cedar tree seeds
gourds mix
pumkins-alot different sizes
pampas grass go to view www.nps.gov/redw/pampas
thank you, Lisa

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