tiresunltd(z9 CA)May 4, 2005

has anyone had experiance with Moringas. From what I have read they can do everything but walk on water and burn. I have no idea as to how they tast. I bought some seeds and have 4 sprouts with the anuals, none of the pre-anuals have sprouted yet.


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Dino_Tsapatsaris(9B Florida)

Do you mean the African tree that has edible leaves and seed (and probably the flowers and bark too.)I'm in Cnetral Florida and they have grown well here. I use the leaves in salads but a tenet of mine (Chinese) use to make a soup out of the leaves. They are not at all frost hardy, but since we havent had a freeze here in three years I've to two trees that are around 25 feet high. While it is fast growing, it is also fragile, a string rubbing against can cut the tree in two as the injury degrades. In that regard the tree is more like a soft plant, it damages easily and does not heal. However, cut it down and it will grow from the stump readily, thus I am not worried about a freeze killing them per se. As for flavor, I think the katuk has a better flavor, nuttier and goes will in salads.

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tiresunltd(z9 CA)

Yep that's the one. the flowers must be cooked. Bought 3. planted one and it died instanly (clay soil) the other 2 I left in planters and they died back but roots are Ok. Found a sight and they had anuals and 8 have already sprouted. Have never heard of a Katuk, where might I find one. Kathy

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There are different species from moringa from different parts of the world. Here is a site that discusses them:

I pre-sprout my seeds. Pests such as rats like to eat the seeds, so they need to be watched when young. Some varieties will fruit the first year.

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