Can you please comment on my list of daylilies

Mayax68(CT)March 24, 2012

Can you please comment on my list of choices? I am looking for a non stop bloomer in sunny location in the state of CT:

Daylily 'Apricot Sparkles'

Daylily 'Going Bananas'

Daylily 'Just Plum Happy'

Daylily 'Stephanie Returns'

All of desciptions claim that these lilies are almost non stop bloomers. Is it really so?

And I was looking to order from (halloson gardens)

Thank you,


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Going Bananas is a good rebloomer for me. I can't comment on the others since I don't grow them.

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roxanna(z5b MA)

i don't grow it, but i have a friend who adores 'Apricot Sparkles'. she lives in mid-state New Hampshire, says it blooms its head off and she keeps trying to get me to take some of hers. one of these days, i just might!

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Waitforspring(6 MA)

Far and away the best rebloomer for me is Stella's Ruffled Fingers. The only one in your list that I've grown is Apricot Sparkles. It did rebloom, but the rebloom scapes only had about 3 buds. It was a very pretty diamond dusted flower, but I don't have it anymore because there just weren't enough flowers.
Here's a picture of SRF


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Cindy zone 6a

Only one I grow of your list is Going Bananas and it did rebloom for me, it bloomed early, often had a poly bloom, but I am growing it in a pot. No reason for the pot, other than I ran out of garden space.

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

I don't grow any of those on your list but I did want to comment on Hallson Gardens. They send wonderful plants which will be bareroot and dormant when you get them but they will take off right away. They even include a free plant of their choosing which is a nice surpise. They don't have a huge choice of daylilies but the ones I got from them did very well and bloomed the same summer. This is a great company for perennials and lily bulbs as well.
The packaging is great as well...everything arrives moist and healthy.


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I just purchased a 'Stephanie Returns' and if it is anything like "Rosy Returns', which flowers almost continuously from July through September in Maine, I'm sure we will both be more than satisfied!

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I agree with Val on Stella's Ruffled Fingers. It just keeps on pumping out bloom scapes all summer long. Of your list I only have GOING BANANAS. I bought it due to the non stop bloom descroption and have had it for years. Mine never has rebloomed, sorry.

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Alas, hate to be a downer, but Apricot Sparkles never produced many blooms and Going Bananas was disapppointing in its rebloom. GB did rebloom slightly later, but bud count was very low in both blooms.

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