valtorrez(6b)March 8, 2010

When you plant daylillies how far apart do you space them? When I started a daylilly bed last spring I spaced them like the instructions said but they looked sort of forlon. Most said to space 24 cm apart some said 15 cm. I was reading a Daylily Society page and the person on there stated they space theirs 6cm. I want my bed to look nice and bushy like the beds that be in the gaderns with lots of daylillies sprouting out. How long does it take to get a nice mound of folliage? I think I need some more daylillies. How long if you order does it take to actually have folliage and blooms? If I order this year would I have to wait until next year to see something?

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I would space daylilies 12-18 inches apart. That would be 30-45 cm. It will take about three years for them to fill in from double fans. If I am planting seedlings I will place them closer: about 8 inches apart.

On new plants most sellers will send blooming size fans. Most will bloom the first year and all should bloom by the second year with moderate increase. One exception is if you buy from a southern grower They may send the daylilies after they have bloomed for that year. There peak time is in May so if you have the daylilies shipped in June from Florida you may miss out on the current season.


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beachlily z9a

Edward, 17" is what I use in my boxes. With that, I had to divide every 2 years, but I am in Florida. In a colder climate, 18-24" would be reasonable, allowing 5 years between dividing. I know some in the far north who say that 36" is ideal. My little beach lot would contain about 10 daylilies if I used that rule.

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The daylillies I purchased last year came from the nurseries and HD. They were already potted plants. If they are already blooming plants is my 15cm and 24cm a good distance to plant them. I want my beds to look full.

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beachlily z9a

I guess what I was saying, your 15-24 cm (about 6-9" apart) is too close. The plants would grow into each other rather quickly and it would make it difficult to divide them. It would also require you to divide and move each plant each year. If these are are the same varieties or are miniatures, possibly the spacing you propose will work.

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I've learned the hard way that it is better to plant further apart initially, as most beds planted a few years ago have had to be redone now. Clumps got too big rather quickly. I generally plant minis 2" apart and try to plant other 2 1/2" feet apart. Even so, the clumps still get enormous and you can't see the space between them after a couple of years. If you plant too close together at first, the vigorous ones will take over and sometimes the less vigorous growers will either die or languish until they are moved.

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Geez, I used the wrong signs above. I meant to say 2 FEET apart for miniatures and 2 1/2 FEET apart for large flowers, spiders, etc. Sorry if that confuesed anyone!

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One year I planted seedlings a foot apart and within a couple of years they were crowding each other, fall of 2008 I planted some seedlings 18 inches apart ( I have more than enough room, fortunately) Some of them made five to seven fans last summer but didn't bloom. If I ever start new beds I am going to go for at least two feet, although I really couldn't come up with lists of fast as apposed to slow propagaters. I do have one oldie, Nanuet, that supposedly took a nursery eleven years to get enough stock to sell, it remains a small slow clump while Cabalaro is three feet across at the base.--------Weedy

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