New to gardening, spider and ants HELP!

yujaiJune 17, 2009

Hello everyone!

I am a beginner in gardening, and finally start growing herbs and flowers this year. I bought sweet basil, spearmint and chamomile from store, as well as growing ginger and garlic.

We have a very small front yard that's already filled with various plants, so I am growing the herbs in containers. The front yard has been completely left aside for past 5 years, and we often find spiders and bugs climbing into the house. At first I put the herbs on a foot step next to the front yard, and almost everyday I find spiders on the leaves, or ants running beneath the pots.

The other day I found some of the basil leaves turned brown from the tip, also some brownish spot on the stem. Would it be because too much sun or caused by the spider/ants?

I really want to make use of the front yard to grow edible flowers and herbs for cooking and baking. Should I doing something to control the ants and spiders in the garden?

Please help! Thanks a lot!

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Leave the bugs alone. Just rinse them off before you use the herbs.

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