Inexpensive/ Reliable PH Tester HELP!

urbngrdnr(10b)June 6, 2012

Would anyone happen to know of an inexpensive and reliable ph tester? Something that's UNDER $40 (although $20 would be better!) & preferably semi-convenient to find? Or is that just asking for too much?

I'm pretty new to gardening and Home Depot & Lowes carry ph testers that have nothing but bad reviews; at least the reviews I've read so far.


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I picked up mine in the garden center. You can get one-off kits for about $3 or one with 10 tests for about $7.

These are straightforward "litmus" testing kits, nothing high tech. Plants aren't so fussy that you need to worry about decimal places.

look for something like this:

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Use pH paper like USDA soil conservation service does with small increments between numbers.

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I wish there was a nice easy push button tester accurate to at least .25 PH, requiring no maintenance for under say $100. It sounds like that doesn't exist, and the best cheap PH tester seems to be the old school, limited reliability litmus strips or similar chemical color tests.

I just want something to monitor my blueberry's soil PH. I already know the original soil composition from multiple area's on my property, so PH is all I care about.

Is there any better alternative?

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+1 on this... I have been looking for a while as well, all the cheap probe testers I have seen suck. I want this for blueberry as well as many other plants. It doesn't have to be into the decimal place, but close to it. I mean the difference in 4.1 vs 5 is noticeable, but 4.1 to 7.6 is huge.

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