Blackberries and Raspberries - Together???

kroach001June 8, 2011

I once read very clear instructions that said I had to plant my blackberries "x" amount of feet away from my raspberries or they would cross-pollinate. As I'm expanding my fruit, I have no choice but to get them closer and closer. Soooo, I recently looked up exactly how far away was it that I have to keep them apart??? And NOW I can't find that very clear instruction anywhere. Actually, I've found instructions where it says they WONT cross pollinate and I can plant them very close to one another. Does anyone know the REAL DEAL, I mean, FOR SURE???

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The reason for keeping them apart has nothing to do with cross-pollination. One often sees advice to keep red raspberries away from black raspberries to keep the reds from transmitting diseases to the less hardy blacks.

Similarly one reads that it is advisable to keep all raspberries several hundred feet away from wild blackberries because the wild plants may carry diseases which could infect the raspberries. If one is growing disease-free tame blackberry plants that probably wouldn't be as much of an issue, but we have a lot of bramble diseases in my area so I try to keep mine apart just to be on the safe side.

Good luck with your brambles.

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thanks for clearing that up! No wonder I couldn't find that information anymore! ha!

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Yikes! Last year I planted thornless blackberries in a row right beside my now-3-year-old raspberries. I thought I'd be able to mow the path between them and pull any RBs coming up in the BB patch and vice versa. I didn't know about the disease issue in the earlier post (didn't do my homework, guilty as charged) but I also didn't think that the new RB shoots coming up in the BB patch would look so similar to the BB shoots -- I can't tell the difference so don't know what to weed out! Big duh.

Does anyone know of a way to distinguish the two young shoots, other than waiting until they're big enough to see if they're canes (RBs) or vines (BBs)?

Otherwise, are my only other options to (a) install a root barrier around both beds, like 9" of aluminum roofing, or (b) dig out the BBs and move them much further away? I suppose (c) is to wait it out and see who wins ;-)

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