poison ivy growin in grape vine

ron4x4June 23, 2009

I have a large grape vine and noticed the other day that there is a lot of poison growing up under it and up the poles. What is the best way to get rid of the poison with out hurting the vine? I've read of different sprays like round up but I'm affraid to that would kill the vine. Also will the grapes be safe to consume with the poison growing all around it? Not sure if the could be infected with the poison.

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My sister had poison ivy at her house. I got it three years in a row. That is what you get for helping her clean out her flower beds. She use Ortho Max poison ivy killer in the spray bottle. Got to love a spray bottle! It killed most of it the first year she sprayed it and the rest the next year. To be on the safe side and you think you have touched your skin against the poison ivy, pick up Tecnu Extreme poison ivy scrub.

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First you will not kill poison Ivy with Roundup. Probably the only way you can be sure of killing it is put something such as a disposable rain coat or poncho as well as gloves. You will need a large zip lock freezer strength bag and Stump Killer. Take the poison Ivy vine and put all of it you can into the bag and add the stump killer. Zip up the bag and leave it and let the vine drink all it will until it dies. It will drink until this happens. Roundup isn't strong enough for any hardy vine. You can kill most any tree more or less the same way only you have to bore a hole with a downward slant and place a piece of PVC of equal size into the hole and fill with stump killer and cover with a cap to prevent evaporation. After using the raincoat or poncho they need to be thrown away as all the air borne poison off the poison Ivy. You should also take a bath VERY soon after this operation to help prevent having a large break out of poison Ivy.

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