OT: my spring photos finally

Nancy zone 6March 30, 2012

I've been meaning to load my photos to show of my daffs & other blooms in the yard. Have quite a few pics now, I haven't done all my spring cleanup yet,

Thalia daffs

My driveway bed, was prettier a few days ago. The daffs have come & gone quickly with the heat this spring

Baby Blessed iris. This one bloomed so much last fall, I really wasn't expecting much from it this spring


Historic bearded iris blooming, one of the intermediate size

Bluebells, really bluer than the photo seems

Solomon's seal

Winky blue columbine

One of my many seedling columbines

Little Annie SDB iris

Glebe Brook SDB iris

Sensation lilac

My tree peony

The tree peony I started from seed about 4 years ago, first bloom ever

tall bearded iris Daughter of Stars bloomed yesterday, REALLY early


Sorry, didn't realize there were so many photos!

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How pretty! I love that lilac! The first two iris opened today...very early as you say, but everything has been. You have some beautiful daffs, Since I'm a purple freak, I really like the Camassia. Your Peonies are ahead of mine, and yours are beautiful.

What is the daff with with orangeish rim. It is very striking. (and orange! which I love:) Everything is very pretty. Isn't spring grand? Even if it has been early.

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Nancy zone 6

Kay, I think that daff is Neon Light. Those dratted garden gnomes have been busy again, & the daffs came & went so fast this year I didn't get most of them re-tagged. I'll have to work on that next spring.

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There is always at least a little more work than a gardener can get finished. The weeding in my garden has reached epic proportions! I realized today that the nut that thinks she's a gardener here never permanently labeled the new iris. Rats!

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Nancy, I always love your driveway bed. I bet it really was smashing with all the daffodils in bloom. Your Columbines and iris are beautiful. So is everything else. Spring is the best time of year!

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

very pretty daffs nancy. I love the columbines and peony.gardning is a lot of work. the weeds about took over here, while I was so sick,and today is the first day,I have ben able to stand up longer then 10 minutes before the legs waants to go out from under me.I felt much better today.


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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

Nancy, your pictures are wonderful! All my favorites! I really need to relocate to a warmer zone! Even on a warm year, spring doesn't arrive here till May! :( Nice to have the GW to enjoy everyone else's blooms! :)


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My daffs were really pretty this year, but I was so busy weeding and raking billions of leaves, I hardly enjoyed them before they were gone. My Azaleas are bloomed now and a few iris have started showing. Yours are so pretty. Wish I had all that land. Sarah

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Oh, don't apologize for too many photos. I like the size of your photos, will have to figure out how to make mine smaller. Like Sann777, I'm drooling over all the room you have to garden.

Hasn't this just been a totally goofy spring. You're in zone 6, I'm in 7a, but my azaleas are just barely starting, and thge camassia and solomon's seal are still 2 weeks away from blooming. But the daffs were in a race to the finish, it seemed.

Love, love your peachy pink daff (I think Rita has this one too), and the camassia. Don't know why more people don't grow camassia, you don't see it around much.


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Since I was in Mo so long, I missed nearly all the spring bloom here. We do have roses starting now, so I will take photos soon and post some. All of yours are lovely to look at. By the way, a hummingbird just showed up at the window, and that is 2 weeks earlier than usual. Must get out the feeders. Avedon

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

I loved the blooms but I especially enjoyed the little 'peeks' at your surrounding landscape. Love the green fields in the background. Everything there is so lush looking. It's all still brown here and right now we are having snow flurries...which is typical of March but nothing before this was typical. I have daylilies coming up already and much too soon. They got tricked by the warm weather we had and sadly they all got frosted in the deep freezes we get at night. I have never had anything coming up this soon. The roses are leafing out (or were) but the leaves are frozen and dead now. I do have spring bulbs coming up and they will be fine. It will be a couple weeks before they open so I enjoy your pretty pictures. Your place looks lovely!


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Julia NY(6)

Real nice pics. Just what I needed on this dreary day. I really like that last photo of Camassia. Need to go and google that one. Your tree peony is beautiful. Is it fragrant? I love it when mine bloom but I have just the bush type and not a tree one.

Please share more of your photos.


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Wow - you have lots going on in your spring garden - lovely! Thanks for sharing.

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Nancy zone 6

Kay, I was looking at that daff again, & found the tag. Not Neon Light, but Monal. Both Neon & Monal are new, I don't remember Neon Light blooming. I'll have to pay closer attention next year.
Thanks Rita, it did look prettier when most of the daffs were in bloom. I have a few clumps to divide, so I'll scatter them out more & will even look better next year, I hope.
Thanks Jean! I'm so glad you are feeling better, & I know you will feel even better to be able to get out in your garden more now.
Ginny, everything is really early here, but at least it is being consistently warm. I would really be upset if it suddenly turned cold now. Weatherman seems to think we are going to stay this way now.
Sarah, I feel as if I missed the daffs too. Like you said, I was rushing to get the beds cleaned up, next thing I know, the daffs are almost gone. Even the late, late poeticus (spelling?) are in bloom now. It seems like it was early May when they bloomed last year.
Thanks Christine. I love the camassia too, I have some others around, but this is the biggest clump of it, & it has really looked good the last couple of years.
A hummer already, Avedon? I don't usually see hummingbirds til my black & blue salvia starts to bloom though, & it is just up about 6" or so now.
I was so afraid we would get a late frost Celeste, but we're in the upper 70's & mid 80's, SURELY we won't get a frost. Normally the last frost date is April 14 here.
Julia, the peony is fragrant, but I don't think it is nearly as fragrant as my other peonies. This is my only tree peony, other than the one I started from seed. So far I prefer the regular peonies, although flowers are much larger on my tree peony. And it is super early, so that is nice too.
Thanks Kathy, things really are busting out this last week.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

The daffs add so much spring color but yes, this year with that crazy heat spell it felt like some of the daffs fried up and died too quickly this year. Of course I think the answer is to also have very early and very late blooming daffs so that they don't all bllom at the same time. That is one of the reasons I truely love that Long Trumpet Daff mix I got from Scheepers. It has lots of daffs from early till late and everything in between. You can see the diffent colored ones opening in waves. I think you need something like that along your driveway bed. :-)

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Nancy zone 6

I have quite a few different daffs, seems like all my late daffs are small flowered ones though. I have a ton of the poeticus type, given to me from a home whose owner was going to completely renovate the yard. White with a pastel yellow up, bit of orange around the cup. They do have 2 or 3 blooms to a stem though, so lots of flowers. I really need to work out just which ones bloom when & space them accordingly, I think. Or maybe I should just dig up all I have, add some more that I get this fall, mix'em all up, then plant them in a row along the driveway :) I guess that is what you mean. Not sure I could dig all of mine, but some I am going to have to divide, could always buy a big mixed bag as you say & add them. You got me thinking.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Well, no I don't mean for you to be doing all that work of digging them up and replanting. I mean just add time periods you don't have. So if you have lots and lots of late flowered ones, then look for early bloomers to add. Or just got for a long blooming mix. The reason I love that Scheepers mix I bought is that it is a no brainer. They have figgured the selection mix of early to late, I didn't have to work on it. In fact I didn't even realise how well it would work out until after I saw them all bloom last spring. So this spring I knew what the mix would do. In fact I intend to order more of Scheepers mixes to plant around the yard. Besides the Long Trumpet mix that I already have, I am going to order their All white mix, Fragrant Mixture, Gold Medal mixture and the Rinus Rim Mixture. Then I also plan to get some specific types. Like I will get February Gold for very early and Ara for early. My earliest I have now is EARLY SENSATION, which I have by itself and is also included in the mix. Camelot another I will order is a late bloomer.

It is something like my daylilies, you know I have a long bloom period. I figgure I can do somewhat similiar idea with the daff bloom season. I do love those daffs. For years I just bought mixed bags locally. But these from Scheepers are so much better.

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Wow, you have alot of diff types of plants blooming at the same time. How exciting!! Love the azalea and peonies the most. Luuuuv peonies so much. Your daffs and iris are beautiful too. Thanks for sharing, Judy

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Julia NY(6)

I meant to ask you what variety of Camassia you are growing and how high it typically gets?


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Nancy zone 6

Julia, I believe this is camassia quamash. I bought another type of blue camassia, but I don't think it ever came up. This blooms about 24" tall. I have a white camassia Sacagawea too, but it isn't in bloom yet & hasn't made as large a clump yet.

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Julia NY(6)

Thanks. I've added it to my list as I saw a variety that has variegated foliage which I think would do well in a mix garden.


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Waitforspring(6 MA)

How did I miss this post before?! You have so many nice things blooming. Love that tree peony and you've grown one from seed too--very impressive. I love Baby Blessed iris even though it rarely reblooms here. It reliably reblooms for my mother and everyone is impressed to see it blooming in the fall.

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I am in awe of these gorgeous flowers, none of which grow here. We even tried buying a tulip plant to use as a centerpiece on Passover. Even though it was in a pot, the tulips only lasted 3 days in an air-conditioned house. Tulips hate Florida. We can't grow those gorgeous irises or daffodils either. But we do have azaleas, though this far south they don't do as well as further north in florida. Your flowers are just magnificent.

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Nancy zone 6

Thanks Val! I hope Baby Blessed continues to rebloom here.
Missylin, I think we always want what we can't grow :) I envy a lot of plants that grow well farther south, but I don't think I would like being without my iris or daffs.

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