Tips on growing a coffee plant

bloobeariJune 6, 2012

I just received my little coffee plant (arabica) I got for $5 from michigan bulbs. I did a tad of research on growing coffee in Florida ( where I learned that it is a relative of Ixora, gardenia, portlandia, and pentas. Does this mean I can use fertilizer suitable for the above on the coffee plant? There was also a great article on the Sweet Maria's website ( Does anyone have any experience and tips they would like to share with me so I get it to grow strong and healthy? Thanks

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Brad Edwards

I was just thinking that back in the day they used to grow them with a really rich dark soil, I don't know all what was added, I just know the soil affected the quality and taste of the plant so you really need to look into it. Also a microclimate affects the quality of the bean, growing coffee is quite complex.

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