WANTED: Where are all the traders??

barbaokNovember 19, 2002

Does not seem do be alot of trading around here. I would love to make trades, but never seems to be any new posts. I got wonderful soap from Lana. Anyone interested in a cute bud vase?? I also have a cook book. Of coarse seeds of all kinds. Anyone have a nice nature CD, sounds of birds, frogs?? I have a CD called Between Father Sky and Mother Earth. It is Native American collection of beautiful music, willing to trade it. Just seems so quite in here.

Let me Know


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YEAH!! That is what I was wondering too. I recall that over 100 requests were logged in to Spike for just such a forum as this. He finally caved in and obliged.

Well here it is~and where the heck are the traders! I don't get it.

As for me personally, I have decided to keep my plant trades to a minimum number of surrounding states. And being a junk-a-holic, I must be careful what I bring home. It has to be something I really, really need before I would make a trade.

So let those who whined for this, support it.

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dahlea(zone 9 FL)

I just recently happened to have some extra money, so I was finally able to join! I need to get some things together to trade-all I have are a couple of basic bonsai books, and seeds (I have plants, but I don't like to send them in the winter) I'm going to try and make some things over my school break, and hopefully get something on here somebody wants to trade me for! I'm excited-I can't wait!

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I have used this site but now its Christmas and my job has gone berzerk. I work with children you see and my prayers for toys for them have been answered to the tune of massive numbers of boxes daily at the post office. I will be more active as soon as this season is over.

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Great, I too, have many items I would love to trade for???. I have CD's, books, seeds, Fridge Magnets too! After Christmas I will probably even have more things! So I'll be egar to see new posts here for trading!


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When the weather breaks (sigh) I will be listing alot of things to trade!! For instance... I have a large vanilla candle that is just sitting in my bathroom that I would be willing to trade for a small start of a spider plant baby...., candle is about 4 inches wide by about 5 or six inches high.. would have to measure.. but retails about 10.00+

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Far out!! I traded my candle!!
Just to let you know that people are reading this!!

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