Good place to buy cranberry?

emcd124(5)June 8, 2012

I'm increasingly interested in edible landscaping, and gradually transforming the landscape we inherited when we bought our home last year into one with more edible elements. I'm interested in putting in some cranberries or lingonberries. I am hoping for three kinds of feedback:

1. A good source to buy from. I'd like to put some in still this year, but I'm running out of time for Zone 5. Indiana Berry is all sold out for the year, so I wondered if folks could recommend another good company to order from, or convince me its already too late for this year.

2. From folks who grew either or both, I'm wondering how difficult they are. I'm really hoping for something that mostly cares for itself once established. We have in ground sprinklers for watering during dry spells, so that shouldnt be an issue. But I want to stay away from plants like blueberries, which just sound notoriously fickle about growing. I want a nice hardy, robust plant with a will to live. Which of these options best fits that bill?

3. Any particular favorite varieties of cranberry you would recommend growing?

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Johnny's in Albion, Maine is probably your best bet. I got mine from them. The plants are more expensive, but significantly larger than the starter size you will get from most nurseries. If you buy a dozen, the price per plant drops a bit from the single plant price.

LOL, though, I don't know why you have the impression that blueberries are difficult. You must make sure your soil is sufficiently acid, other than that, they are among the easiest of any fruit crop to grow and one of the most reliable.

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I meant to include link for your convenience.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stevens Cranberry at Johnny's

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Do you really want cranberry? I'm going with viburnum trilobum (Red Wing and Wentworth.) They are said to taste just like cranberry, but product more, grow larger (there is a compact version), and be less picky about soil conditions.

My local nursery sells four cultivars of viburnum trilobum. 7 gallon plants for $30-50, sounds better than small stick plants for $10-20.

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