have: 1000 watt hps setup and 256watt fluorescent fixture

Joppah(9)November 2, 2013

-Quantum brand Massive reflect hood (fits in 4x4x8 with 6inch fan next to it) comes with cover screen
-EP brand 6 inch fan 360rpm?
-Quantum brand Dimmable digital ballast 50%/75%/100%
-Lumatek Brand HPS 1000 watt Bulb
(HPS Setup was used at 50% for 5 months)

-Max Lume Brand 5400k fluorescent T8 x8 with reflective hood/built in ballast (no bulb cover screen) 256 watts able to run at 50% output or 100%
(I ran it at 50% for 8+ months)

looking to trade for a variety of plants/seeds that amount to equal value (look at my exchange page for more info)

will post pictures soon

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