WANTED: Mulberry seeds or seedlings

nickie(between 5-7)February 1, 2008

Hello everyone

I am looking for mulberry seeds or seedlings. I want to have all three types, white, red and black. Has anyone else had problems updating their personal information, trade lists(can't post one)or any of the other vital information? I keep getting a warning page from Microsoft saying there is a certificate error with the server(????).

Anyway I actually have lots too trade, just to long to do it here. Tell me what you are looking for and I will see if I have it.

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nyssaman(Z6 ON)

I would not recommend planting white mulberry with red mulberry - Red mulberry is threatened because of white mulberry .The red native population is being genetically watered down by the aggressive white . If you are going to plant any mulberry - please only plant red. There are a few places that you can get red mulberry although is genetic purity can be questioned along with every other red mulberry in the province . Vandenest Nursery in Eden carries them - Actually my second source for them does not carry them at this moment. There are some American seed houses such as Schumachers?? in Mass - I believe they carry them


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nickie(between 5-7)

Evening Jeff(nyssaman)

Just to let you know I live in BC so the two nurseries that you suggested won't do me any good. Thanks though. I am also aware of how aggresive the white mulberry is and how endangered the red mulberry is. I had no intentions of having the two of them anywhere near each other. As I have close to five acres to play with I felt they would be far enough apart at opposite diagonal corners of the five acres. I want them as a food source which is why I am looking for all three types. I appreciate your concern and am happy you responded.


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nyssaman(Z6 ON)

Rare exotic seeds out of Montreal carries them I believe - are they native to that region? If they are not native don't worry about it..lol. I think the black mulberry is a russian mulberry - don't know much about it. Vandenest nursery does ship their plants.


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nickie(between 5-7)

Does Rare Exotic Seeds in Montreal have seeds or do they have just seedlings? Do they also have an internet site? As to whether they are native in BC that is a good question. I will have to check again with my favorite garden shop here. I would imagine that they are, I have seen enough of them in the Greater Vancouver area. I just haven't seen any in the small city that I live in. Most of the mulberries in the Vancouver area are at least 40-50 years old. I have not seen very many young ones. It was like they were a gardening fad. Just like the flowering japanese cherry trees were popular in the post war army veteran housing developments after WWII. My grandparents lived in one of those homes until they died. The cherry trees that are still left are absolutely stunning. They are all 50-55 years old. I would love to have a couple of them but I don't think they would survive the transplanting. Just brings back memories of them both. I will google Vandenest Nursery to see if they have a website. Thanks again for all your help.


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nyssaman(Z6 ON)

They are only native to Eastern United states/Canada, I had to check one of my manuals just to be sure. Rare exotic seeds does have a site and they are only a seed house no plants.

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If you talk to me in July when the berries are bursting, I'll send you some (if my kids and the robins don't get to them first!). I have a new bush growing on my property from, I assume, a bird poop. Just fruiting last year after five years of sprouting, about 20' away from the parent tree, so I guess these guys are red (ripest when almost black) mulberries.
Calendar this and remind me later in the season. I'll send some along, n.p.

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nickie(between 5-7)

Hi nyssaman and wendy2shoes

nyssaman I checked my manuals and my favorite garden shop and learned the same thing about red mulberries too. We are both working on the same page at least. I did email the official federal Natural Resources website(forestry) and ran across a very intersting article. It is a good resource source. Boy that sentence looks a little funny. Anyway I am waiting for them to email me back with nurseries that have true Red Mulberries. I also asked for growing intruction to make sure they survived where I planted them.

wendy2shoes I will definitely put it on my calendar and remind you. Anything you would like in return? Do you know what type your mulberry is? Red, White or Black. I already have person offering a White Mulberry seedling later in the year but am eager for your offering. I am still looking for a true Red Mulberry and a Black Mulberry. Black seems to be the hardest to find. No idea why. Maybe because they are the pickest to grow and take the longest to produce fruit.

Thanks to you both

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If you remind me to, I'll take a close up shot of the leaves and berries to help I.D. my trees. I'm almost positive they're black, if that's what the colour of the ripe fruit is supposed to be. The berries go from small, hard, white, to softer red (sour), then sweet when black.
I'll see if I can root up a couple of suckers this spring.

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nyssaman(Z6 ON)

The purest source for red mulberry in Canada is Rondeau Provincial Park - I think there are 12 trees there. You may have to order from the northern US as they have larger populations that are probably unaffected by White Mulberry. I believe all mulberry's end up the same color, purple black . The true way to tell the difference is by Leaf shape but that can be very difficult in areas where the 2 hybridize . There are other subtle differences that I cannot remember at this time. I'm a native grower so I'm pretty familiar with southern Ontario nurseries that would carry this plant. The main restorative native nurseries do not carry it. Only one is vandennest . here is the link: Tell Julie at Vandennest that Jeff in London sent you..lol


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prairie_gal_z2b(Sask, Canada)

I just wanted to add that if they have them, that Van Den Nest is really a great place to get tree seedlings from, I ordered for the first time last fall, and will without a doubt order again.
Koren in Saskatoon

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nickie(between 5-7)

Thanks praririe_gal it is good to know.

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Old thread, but Arbornaut Nursery in BC sells morus nigra seedlings, and ships within canada....

Here is a link that might be useful: Arbornaut nursery

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