Beach Plum

mastino(7)June 5, 2008

Hi Im wanting to know more about them. Im wanting to add it to my berry collection dose anyone here have a Beach Plum? Thanks

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I had a couple of beach plum seedlings from OIKOS Tree Crops. One was quite productive, though there wasn't much pulp surrounding the pit - then the neighbors reworked their septic leach field, and it resulted in that one 'drowning'. The other one blooms profusely, but without a pollenizer, it hasn't set any fruit.
One thing I noticed, though, in the 10-12 years they'd been in the ground here, I've never seen any black knot on them - or brown rot on the fruit, either, for that matter.

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Thanks lucky p, great info & I luv the site OIKOS Tree Crops, Ill be ordering! One last thing how was the taste of the plums? THANKS!

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