Haven't Been Around Lately

ricksample(6)June 21, 2012

I wish I could contribute a little more, but I have been working non stop at both work and home.... I started working 10+ hours a day at work, then some projects I started at home allows me to get a full 6 hours sleep a night lol.

I found out earlier this year I'll be a dad... which led me to do a couple remodel projects and entire house painting before she comes in October. Repainting the entire house is something I wanted to do for a couple years. I don't want the new baby breathing the fumes, so nows the best time. Then I recently started to renovate a building my grandpa gave me. On top of that, I've been repainting the engine in the Mustang, trying to keep the brush at bay in my field, water the conifers every 3 days... it's been a VERY busy couple months lol. Hopefully in another month I'll have everything completed and back to normal!

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Congratulations, Rick. I think you'll find that raising little kids is almost as much fun as raising little conifers (okay, maybe even more fun).

I'm in the same boat...reading this forum is my escape from reality during the morning METRA commute to the Chicago Loop.

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greenhaven(SW MI z6)

Congratulations on your impending little one! All else will pale in comparison after experiencing the blessing of that wee one on your family.

Country life has a way of keeping one very, very busy, many of us understand.

wassercom, my son commutes from IN to the Chicago Loop for his new job. It is a bit of a shock coming from rural IL but it excites him and he loves his job! Do you commute from IL or IN?

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awwwwww some!

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