OT Clematis Blooming

organic_kitten(8)March 26, 2012

Marie Louise Jensen is opening up pretty well: She is a nice consistent bloomer:

H F Young is also beginning to bloom out:

Josephine is in a lot of shade: In the tree.

Huldine is all over this tree, but just starting to bloom:

The amarylis ( Neon sp off) is almost ready to open:

Snapdragons are fully blooming now:

And spring is strutting:

You can see the silly daylilies think it is May or June. But just a few TB iris are putting up bloom spikes.


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Nancy zone 6

Beautiful! I love your clematis, but that last photo is just wonderful. Is that a chinese snowball? I'm wishing I had put my Japanese maple a bit closer to mine now. Your red azaleas look so bright & pretty. The daylilies look like they could bust out with scapes any day, don't they? I haven't been outside yet this morning, but you reminded I have a couple of TB iris that looked like they would be open today.
Thanks so much for sharing your photos!

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Clematis are such wonderful plants. Yours are especially lovely. I planted 2 more last year, one right in front of the climbing red rose, and another right in front of a crape myrtle. We'll see how this works out. It seems to be working well for you to have them climbing into trees.


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Julia NY(6)

Nice Kay!
I have Josephine and Huldine too. I love how Josephine will "unwrap" its petals over time. Stunning bloom when fully open. I like the blooms back color of Huldine as it contrasts with the white face of the bloom. If you have time, post your clematis pics over on the clematis forum too. Kinda slow over there as far as anyone showing their blooms.

Goodness, your daylilies are growing so fast. Snapdragons looks so pretty in pink :-).


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Thank you for looking and commenting.
Ngraham, 6thais is indeed two Chinese Snowballs and two of the Japanese Maple trees. I found my first scapes yesterday...too soon, so now I need to spray for thrips. My TB iris are not going to be much due to the very warm winter.

Christine, I love Clematis too, and I have two new one to plant this week that spent the winter in the greenhouse.

Julia, Josephine was the first clematis I "lusted after". I think I have about a dozen now, and I am sure I will add others. I do love them.


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Your Clematis are just stunning how I wish I had luck with them I just can't seem to do anything with them, maybe it's the Fl climate that is to much for them.

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