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organic_kitten(8)March 30, 2013

These two are planted, They are both Nemophila menziesii "Baby Blue Eyes"



The pots are 4"X4" Taken from above them ---

Taken at eye level, L to R ---

Nemophila menzieseii 'Penny Black' "Baby Black Eyes", Clarkia rubicunda 'Shamini', Cerinthe major purpurascens "Blue Honeywort", Collinsia species 'Purple' "purple Chinese Houses, a second of the Clarkia, same species.

Each of these plants was $4.95. The shipping is awful, but it is 2nd day air and I am almost all the way across country. Plus I am used to buying roses on-line and shipping is always atrocious.

As I said, I will be ordering again soon. I can get plants I would otherwise not be able to buy, and it is so much fun to try new plants. By the way, annie, you are an enabler, you do know that, don't you? :)


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Thanks for sharing your photos. They all look very healthy. I am dying to try that clarkia myself. Love her videos of her garden so you can see what the plants look like. I have a "wish list" but haven't decided whether or not to place it. I have started quite a few things from seed this year so I really don't need to :)


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Boy this post (and pics) really gets one in the mood for planting.
I was happy to see the "Penny Black", I tried this from seed one year and it did grow and bloom; but the blooms were the tiniest things. Cute, but tiny. It did not return the following year but that could have been due to where it was planted. The soil was a bit too dry I suspect.

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Thanks for looking.

Marlene, I have no willpower when it comes to plants...I told DH to look at all the "cocaine" when we passed by a garden yesterday. Since I am making some changes, I have less willpower than usual.

And, I have wanted to try clarkia ever since I got some in a bouquet and it lasted a long time. I hope it does well.

Schoolhouse, supposedly, they reseed. If it is really invasive, it reseeds at my house...if I want it to reseed, no such luck! Bah.

Of course, I plant tulips as annuals since I love them so. The Come Back Red really does come back though.

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I don't have willpower either. So I just placed my order too. I guess we could have worse habits.
I ordered the clarkia, tidy tips, pink German catchfly, Thomas church lupine,
mimulus and echium. Mine will be shipped in April. Right now here in MA it's still too cold to plant. I have a little greenhouse which I will open soon. I have heaters for nighttime chills. I too have some changes happening in my garden.


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Marlene! Way to go! The plants are growing very, very well! I have little heater in my greenhouse too, and all of the seedlings and plants are doing okay now.

I have a second order, and my wishlist is growing.

Let me know when your plants get here, I'll bet they will be very nice.

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Thank you for posting these pictures.

I can hardy wait for them to bloom myself!
Most of Annie's flowers are bred from Calif. wildflower varieties.

Among my favorites that I loved as a child that I used to like to "wade through" in the meadows, were:

Mission Bells,
Elegant Clarkias,
California Golden Poppies,
Chinese Houses,
California Lupines,
Frying Pans,
Tidy Tips,
Indian Pinks,
Red Monkeyblood flowers,
Baby Blue Eyes,
Shooting Stars *,
Indian Paintbrush,
Owl's Clover,
Miner's Lettuce - not a flower, but a very pretty, and edible wild round lettuce that I "nibbled on" when out roaming the hills with my siblings and cousins.

And Oh, So Many MORE....
We loved their names as much as we did their beauty!
Not only do they need the right amounts of water, but the soil they grow in natively may make a difference. They do best with a good wildfire burn followed by really good spring rains. Sad but true.
They thrive clinging to the hillsides in the most horrible soil - gravelly, sandy, granite soil, full of various minerals, and are fed by the ash provided by the grass fires and forest fires. In Spring, they are watered by the torrential rains that fill the gullies and washes with muddy, ashy water. Then after June, the days are hot and dry and the nights cool and it does not rain again until late August and then thousands more wildflowers bloom in the Fall.

If you can replicate those conditions where you live, they will reseed and do well for you.

I may enable you guys, but I do try to give you my honest evaluation, including cost in Toil and Treasure. :)

They will not reseed here in Central Okla. - I've tried for 18 years. Maybe wild birds eat the seed or the conditions and soil are just not favorable,...I dunno, but I just have not had much success. Sometimes I find a few California Poppies that return from seed ..but everything else must be replanted every spring or if they are tender perennials, like my beloved California White Sage, Aloes and Agaves, must be taken indoors for the winter.
In the picture below you can see
California Poppies
Calif. Lupines,
Tidy Tips
and what looks to be some sweet smelling purple Owl's Clover (bottom right).

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I would be amazed for them to be anything but annuals here. Hey, I plant tulips as annuals. Used to it. It is raining again. I am not complaining after praying so for rain the last two years.

And it rained all day Easter! Admittedly with a couple of breaks, but it was quite cool too. Azaleas are now opening up, a few days late for Easter.


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Annie you are so right with your description. My only luck with the reseeding are the California poppies too. I, like Kay know that these will just be annuals for me. Well except possibly the lupine. I've grown them from seed and even then only get a couple seasons out of them. My son lives in CA now and he has things that I envy. Like grass in February! While visiting him I kept hearing this noise and couldn't figure out what it was. Mom, it's a lawn mower. Not use to that sound in winter. :)


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