wanted: wanted seed of ginkgo biloba or honey locust sunburst

lezard(4 Laurentide QC)February 20, 2009

My husband built our new home last summer, that's why I want try to grow tree from seedling.

I find ginkgo biloba and honey locust sunburst.

(Sorry my bad english I'm french) I don't have anything to trade so I'ld pay you for postmail.


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nyssaman(Z6 ON)

Wrong time of the year probably. might be hard to get some now they are usually harvested late October to mid november - If you wait until next year I can probably get you some. They do stink like the dickens...Just imagine really really smelly vomit..lol

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Salut Lezard! Let's see how much French I can remember :) Il faut que vouz sachiez que les graines des Ginko biloba doivent etre fraiches. Si les graines sechent, ils ne germeront pas. Si vous pouvez attendez, il sera sage de demander a Nyssaman en l'automne pour des graines fraiches. Je peux vous envoyer un petit 'dormant cutting' de Ginko biloba si vouz voulez maitenant. Celles la que vous voulez, je n'ai pas. Mais je sais qu'il y a des abres qui ont des graines encore, et pi je peux les rassembler pour vous. Je pense qu'il y a des Maples (erable?)et un peu de 'Kentucky Coffee' (Gymnocladus dioicus). Excusez mes faultes de grammaire et d'orthographie :)

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I have found ginkgo nuts at Asian grocery stores, they came in a mesh bag, like peanuts do. Maybe $12 for 100 seeds!
Eat some, plant the rest! I believe they need to be chilled once they are planted, so either way I suggest planting many into pots, then leave the pots outside. In spring, some will grow. Life is good.

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yes dirtslinger, there are ginko nuts for sale at the asian stores. we use them to make soups and stews. They're also valued medicinally. The ginko nuts won't grow, unfortunately. Once the ginko nuts have dried out slightly, germinatation rates plummet to close to nil. Once the shells have dried and turned white (I'm taking you saw the ones with white shells and not the vacuum sealed one?) they won't sprout, much like citrus seeds. Yes, ginko seeds need to be stratified, but usually they sprout if you put them between moist paper towel in a half sealed baggie right after you clean the fruit off.

And the fruits are supposed to smell AWFUL...and only the female trees will bear fruit. Unless you're trying to grow for nuts, it'll save you some time and a lot of stinky fruit to take a cutting from a male tree (the town here plants only male trees)

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I think Montreal is colder then Toronto, and Ginko biloba may not survice the winter there, In downtown Toronto there is some trees because there is a micro climate.

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