Blueberry Bush Peat Moss Soil

kwatson54June 22, 2012

(long story short) I recently planted two Northblue blueberry bushes that I purchased from the local nursery. I believe they are in their 2nd year. I have each of them in a peat moss (70%), perlite (10%), sand (10%) and soil (10%, clayish) mix in a 24 inch whiskey barrel (full sun) and about 1 cup of organic sulfur mix in the top 3 inches. The pH and water situation seem to be in good shape, but I suspect that eventually IâÂÂll have to transition to a less peat moss-intense mix. Any suggestions for amending the soil over time? I live in MT with BASIC soil, so adding native soil doesnâÂÂt seem like much of a long-term solution. Will the peat moss pack down too tight this season? Am I missing some key nutrients that I could gain with compost. Given that they are recent plantings IâÂÂm hoping to find a gentle and gradual way to make the soil more sustainable. Thanks!

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Hello kwatson,
I use more of a Pine bark/moss peat mix,about 70/30.Soil isn't really needed,especially in a container. Brady

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