wanted: trees/shrubs dc or morgantown: i can dig it

thatperennialguyJanuary 22, 2007

In the past two years, my mom's yard lost a lot of trees in drought, the neighbors put up a fence, the shed came down...so, to ease stress on my shade garden, now in full sun, and to soften the character of the yard before my mom moves out in a few years, I'm looking for native woody plants that fit the following character:

1) Fast-growing, shade-providing tree to replace a red Norway Maple. Platanus occidentalis or Fagus grandifolia would be beautiful here.

2) Ornamental flowering or fruiting shrubs for a border.

3) Small flowering tree for partial shade to replace a crabapple (would love an Aesculus for this spot).

4) Shade-tolerant specimen shrub to replace an Illicium floridanum...I would really love another Illicium.

5) Dense, medium-to-fine textured shrub to screen/soften a hideous 8' fence. E.g Rhus typhina 'Laciniata'

6) Small but fast-growing shade trees with a high canopy and attractive habit/character...to bring the "wood" back into my woodland garden.

I'd be more than happy to dig your offerings up myself, assuming they're young enough that all the work can be accomplished by hand.

Natives I can divide/propagate are:

*Anemone canadensis (careful, goes fast)

*Asimina triloba (seed)

*Aster novae-angliae

*Aristolochia durior (would have to take cuttings)

*Aruncus dioicus (I think it's large enough to divide)

*Asarum canadense

*Camassia - leichtlinii, I think, and loads of it

*Carex - one of the native species

*Celtis occidentalis (need to take cuttings)

*Cercis canadensis

*Chasmanthium latifolium (another quick spreader)

*Chelone lyonii 'Hot Lips'

*Eupatorium maculatum

*Helenium flexuosum (should be large enough to divide)

*Magnolia virginica (cuttings/seeds)

*Spigelia marilandica (seed...need to find where I put it)

*I'm sure this isn't a comprehensive list. If you think we can work something out, post or send me an email and I'll look through your trade list, and let you know what I've forgotten from this list.

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