WANTED: Midwest Natives Seed Swap

intheforest(4b Iowa)January 26, 2005

This is a seed swap for Midwest Natives seeds- Prairie, woodland, savannah. Newbies welcome.

These are the rules ....

Mail in a bubble envelope. (Which will be mailed back to you )

1) Send me packs LABLED WITH YOUR GW NAME and the name of the seeds. As usual, send as much info as possible on the seeds...

2)please lable "Midwest Natives Swap" on envelope.

3) Please send in bubble wrap envelopes.. as I will reuse these to send your seeds back.

4) Anyone else wanting to donate "Bonus" seeds please lable them as "Bonus" and I will distribute them to other swappers or newbies.

5)Please include a return address lable and enough postage to return envelope. it will need to be at least as much as it cost to send. Minimum of 60 cents

6)Deadline for mailing to me will be Feb 15,2005 all seed packets need to be sent in by this time.

Please include:

* Return postage

* Address Label

* Garden web name

* List of what you sent and also wish list (maybe youÂll get a wish or two?)

* * * bonus seeds* * * Ginseng- 10 strat. seeds (commercial Grower.)

I will return seeds the end of Feb,

You will get back the number of seed packs you sent plus bonus seeds.

Happy Swapping.

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