Nasturtiums failing to thrive

Cimstar(Z6 ID)June 8, 2004

My young nasts (about 5-6 inch stems w/ 10-15 leaves) are suffering from an unknown malady. The leaves, particulary the largest ones, are browing from the edges in. They're potted in regular potting soil, moist but not soaked, in full sun. Any ideas?

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You have posted this to the "edible" forum.

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Cimstar(Z6 ID)

Yep. Because I grow them for salads.

Didn't think I was the only one.

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still too wet, or the soil is too rich for them... I have mine growing in a dead zone about the depth of a single brick between my walkway and my neighbors, and they're growing like gangbusters...

they like the same conditions that sedums and stonecrops prefer...miserable.

and yes, they're very edible...watercress is actually a variety of nasturtiums.

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Cimstar(Z6 ID)

Thanks, Chinacat. I was wondering if the soil was too rich -- was hoping that, while young, they'll deplete the soil sufficiently to keep them flowering later. Maybe it didn't work. Hmm.

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ltcollins1949(9a TX)

Down here in South Texas, where we have very high temperatures and humidity in the summer, nasturtiums will not survive. The just wilt away, but they will come back in the fall. We refer to them as a cool weather herb, and plant them for the winter months since we seldom get a freeze. Is it possible that you have had a extremely hot summer? And yes, they are very wonderful in salads and even on cold meat sandwiches. And try them as a garnish on a salad plate for dinner party and hear all the comments.

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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)

Mine are in very sandy raised beds and though I didn't plant any this year (saw two volunteers in the spring, a dozen more showed up later) I have about 3' x 12' of other herbs trying to fight through pillows of Nasturtiums. (12" deep at this point)

Way more than I can eat. I'm hoping the purslane I planted does that next year (I like it more than the Nasturtiums)


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