Transplanting Spruce Trees

cookie8(zone 5 ON)June 23, 2007

I have three five foot spruce trees that I really don't care to have. We have a well treed lot as it is and I know in 5 yrs or so our new neighbour will be completely shaded if we keep them. Yes, I feel bad. Just another excuse to get rid of the trees. I do hate the idea of just chopping them so I found friends who are interested in them. Is it feasible to transplant them at this stage? Any tips on doing so? Thanks so much!

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The cooler the weather the better. I did up stuff all the time however as people here have gotten to know me to do. Watering is the key to succesful transplants.

You can also surround the trees and it's a recommendation by all to cover with shade fabric. This is pretty much crucial that you do. On the hot, hot days, spray the foliage as well.

Move now while it's hot and water will be the key. Or, early spring or late summer/early fall is what a book will tell you to do.


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"The cooler the weather the better"

Well, within reason! Not when the soil is frozen! But it should certainly wait until the trees are dormant, I'd guess mid September to early October in z5 Ontario.


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2 + 2 = 4 and thank you Resin.

^ ^
o o


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there we go...


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