Is this a grapevine?

pixiesmamaJune 14, 2006

Earlier today, I discovered several huge mulberry bushes (trees, really) along a border in the parking lot behind my house. Upon further inspection, I found what I thought might also be a grapevine. The leaves look very similar to a grape plant that my daugher chose earlier this year. Now, I just might be crazy and reaching really far on this grape thing, but given that there are mulberry bushes there, I thought it might not be too far fetched to believe that these are grapes. The twiny twigs seemed like a dead give-away to me, let alone the little clusters of what appear to be grapes... Anyone have any idea?

Leaf with some curly cues.

Grape Cluster?

Thanks for any help!


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Looks just like the grape vines I have growing in my garden

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yep. its a grape vine with edible grapes (although they arent ripe yet). wild grape vines are common throughout the south eastern united states. in addition to eating the fruit. in mid spring if you chop the vine in half, watery sap will pour from the stem. you can drink the sap (doesnt taste too bad) to stay hydrated. good to know if you are ever lost in the woods and need fresh clean/safe drinking water.

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