WANTED: Have Blueberry/Grape/Grass/Magnolia/carolina jessamine

alwazeroom4more(9b/10a)January 26, 2013

HAVE: Have Blueberry/Grape/Grass/Magnolia/carolina jessamine

I am setting up for trades and taking request on rooted starts of the following I have avail,
I have avail

Blueberry (rabbit-eye)hardy and sweet: cuttings
muscadine grape cuttings
muscadine grape small plant (few)
Southern Magnolia Tree Cuttings
Sweet Bay Magnolia cuttings
Holly Cuttings (Both male and Female)
Young Holly plant (few)
carolina jessamine cuttings
carolina jessamine plant
texas muhly grass

can root any of the cuttings if you need me to..



I am looking for NATIVES and MEDICINAL'S,

I will trade for any amount .. cuttings (rooted or not), PLANT , BARE ROOT, BULB, (PLEASE NOTE THE ONES LISTED WITH NUMBERS OF WHAT I NEED IS MAINLY A NOTE, I WILL be happy to trade in ANY AMOUNT)

I have a huge project going and a lot of area to cover, if you have other native medicinal edible , odd /rare or useful plant bulb seed or cutting that is not on the list , please let me know I may be interested in it as well...

oakleaf hydrangea (CUTTINGS OR PLANT, need a total of 30-40+ for fence line)

Fiddleheads (Ostrich Fern)(Pteretis pensylvanica) (NEED 20+)

Asparagus (Asparagus officinalis)(NEED ENOUGH TO GET A GOOD SIZE PATCH GOING)

Maclura pomifera (Osage-orange, hedge-apple,[1] Horse-apple, Bois d'arc, Bodark, or Bodock) NEED seed, CUTTING, or young trees, MALE AND FEMALE)

Chicory (Cichorium intybus)(need 6+)
Field Pennycress� (Thalspi vulgaris)
Fireweed (Epilobium angustifolium)(NEED 14+)
Plantain (Plantago)
Purslane (Portulaca oleracea)
White Mustard (Synapsis alba)(SEED OR PLANT)
Wood Sorrel (Oxalis) (NEED 10+)
BLOODROOT (Sanguinaria canadensis)�(NEED 30+)
pawpaw (NEED MANY, would LIKE at least 1-2 male and 12+ FEMALE)
Sassafras Sassafras labium (NEED 60+)

Persimmon American (NEED 30 +)

Wild crab apple or wild apple Malus species

solomon's seal TRUE
AND FALSE solomon's seal

Bristly Wild Gooseberry (Ribes oxyacanthoides)
Prickly Gooseberry (Ribes cynosbati)
Wild Gooseberry (Ribes hirtellum)
Dioscorea villosa, Wild Yam
Hackberry Celtis species
JEWELWEED(Impatiens biflora)

Indian Cucumber Root(Medeola virginiana)
Jerusalem Artichoke(Helianthus tuberosus)
Mayapple(Podophyllum peltatum)

Trout Lily(Erythronium americanum)(NEED 30+)
Alder Catkins red alders (Alnus rubra)
Arrowroot Maranta and� Sagittaria species
RED TRILLIUM(Trillium erectum) (NEED 15+
DOGWOOD (Cornus species)(NEED 20+)
JACK-IN-THE-PULPIT (Arisaema triphyllum)(NEED 30+)
SKUNK CABBAGE (Symplocarpusfae foetidus)(NEED 5+)
LADY'S-SLIPPER(Cypripedium acaule)

SLIPPERY ELM (Ulmus fulua) (NEED 12+)
SOLOMON'S SEAL (Polygonatum biflorum) (NEED 15+)
Bearberry or kinnikinnick Arctostaphylos uvaursi (NEED 15+)
Beech North American (NEED 3 +)
BIRCH (Betula species)
WITCH HAZEL (Hamamelis virginiana) ( NEED 15+)

Breadfruit Artocarpus incisa
Chestnut American (NEED 12+)
Cranberry Vaccinium macrocarpon (NEED 20+)

Crowberry�Empetrum nigrum

Aesculus californica Buckeye (NEED 25+)

SPICEBUSH (Lindera benzoin)(NEED MANY)

Alnus rhombifolia White alder

Amelanchier alnifolia Serviceberry

Adiantum aleuticum Maidenhair fern( NEED 50+)

Asarum caudatum Wild Ginger (NEED 40+)

Ceanothus Blueblossom, Wild lilac, Sweet bush, Buck brush (NEED 25+)

Mahonia Oregon Grapes

Ginseng root Panax ginseng Ren-shen, X-yang-shen (NEED 40+)

Cuipo tree Cavanillesia platanifolia

Reed Phragmites australis

Sugar palm Arenga pinnata
Sugarcane Saccharum officinarum
Sweetsop Annona squamosa
Water chestnut Trapa natans
Water lettuce Ceratopteris species
Water plantain Alisma plantago-aquatica

Wild desert gourd or colocynth Citrullus colocynthis
Wild fig Ficusspecies

AMERICAN BEECH(Fagus grandifolia)(NEED 3+)

ASH(Fraxinus species)(NEED 3+)
BASSWOOD(Tilia americana)(NEED 3+)
BEDSTRAW(Galium aparine)
BINDWEED(Convolvulus sepium)

BLUE FLAG(Iris versicolor)
BRACKEN FERN(Pteridium aquilinum)
BULRUSH(Scirpus validus)
BURDOCK(Arctium minus)

DOGBANE (Apocynum cannabinum)

GROUND PINE(Lycopodium clavatum)
HICKORY (Carya species) (NEED 4+)
HOG PEANUT(Amphicarpase monica)
HOP HORNBEAM(Ostrya virginiana)
INDIAN CUCUMBER(Medeola virginica)
Mimulus guttatus Monkeyflower

Rhamnus purshiana Cascara, chittam

Symphorocarpos alba Snowberry

Devil's Claw Harpagophytum procumbens grapple plant, wood spider

Comfrey Symphytum officinale

Calendula Calendula officinalis Pot marigold

Saffron Crocus sativus bulbs

All-Heal Prunella vulgaris L. Prunella. All-Heal.

BearberryArctostaphylos uva-ursi Uva Ursi

Beth Root Trillium erectum Wake-robin (NEED MANY)

Bilberry Vaccinium myrtillus Huckleberry

Bee Balm, Wild Bergamot Monarda didyma

WINTERGREEN(Gaultheria procumbens)

YARRO(Achillea millefolium)

INDIAN TOBACCO(Lobelia inflata)

JUNIPER(Juniperus communis)

MAPLE-LEAF VIBURNUM(Virburnum acerifolium)

PARTRIDGE BERRY(Mitchela repens)
PHRAGMITES(P. communis)
PICKEREL WEED(Pontederia cordata)

PIPSISSEWA(Chimaphila umbellata)
PLANTAIN(Plantago species)
RED CEDAR(Juniperus virginiana)

SPRUCE(Picea species)
SWEET FLAG(Acornus calamus)
TAMARACK�(Larix laricina)
TREMBLING ASPEN(Populus tremuloides)
VIOLET�(Viola species)
VIRGINIA CREEPER� Parthenocissus quinquefolia)
WATER LILIES�(Yellow - Nuphar advena / White - Nymphaea oderata)
WILD GERANIUM�(Geranium maculatum)

WILD SARSAPARILLA(Aralia nudicaulis)
WILD STRAWBERRY(Fragaria vesca)(NEED 40+)

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