Darn stupid garden cultivator

schoolhouse_gwMarch 23, 2012

I have a Stilh Yard Boss and I tried for an hour to start the thing, put it away in disgust, sat down and then dragged it back out determined to make it go. Could not pull that cord one more time without my arm falling off. I suppose I flooded it because by the time I went whining with it to my neighbor, he couldn't start it either. I'll wait until tomorrow morning to see if it starts, if not, I suppose it'll have to go to the shop to have the carb cleaned out. grrrrrr. Normally I usually get it going after some cussin' but not today and today would have been the perfect day to get the dirt tilled up as rain is moving in tonight and tomorrow.

I know this isn't exactly Cottage Flower Garden related but I had to vent. :(

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

I can feel your pain, I never had trouble starting my 5hp Honda, I've gave it to my son-in-law when I no longer had big areas to till.
I bought a little Mantis many years ago, pulling the cord got to be a problem so DH had to always start it for me. We learned the hard way if you don't winterize your machine you should start it up at least once a month, stops things from seizing up.

Last year I passed this on to one of our sons and bought myself an electric Mantis, I just love, love, love this little machine, does everything I want it to and more.


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Yeah, there's always some gas left in the tank over winter which is a big no-no. The engine repair place told me one time you are not suppose to use gas older than 3 days old. Well, that's probably never going to happen.

My veggie garden is quit a distance from the garage where the electric outlet is, but an electric machine sounds interesting. Or do you mean it has an electric start, like with a battery?

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

I think there's an additive you can add to the gas, stops things from gumming up.
No electric start, I just plug it in to an extension cord. How far from your garage is your veggie garden? I've got the Mantis in the link below.


Here is a link that might be useful: Electric Mantis

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I use a shovel, so I am the cultivator - all I need is a good cup of coffee to get me started, but then I can be pretty darn stupid sometimes too.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

ooh-an electric Mantis! That is what I need, Annette! I sold my gas-powered one for just the reason you mentioned schoolhouse! I just can't seem to get those gas-powered tillers or mowers started by myself!

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I did the shovel thing for many years, couldn't believe the difference when I finally sprung for a cultivator with a motor. Just not fond of all that work anymore, but then again if a person has to fuss all the time with things mechanical what's the difference? :) Well, I'll keep my Yard Boss for now and just learn how to take care of it. It went to the shop this morning, guy said old gas is more than likely the culprit as when he went to prime it there was no gas being pumped up into the little bubble thing. I should have seen that.

I'll check out what they have in the way of electric ones when I pick mine up later.

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Christine and Annette,

The Heathen bought me an electric Mantis last year. I love it. It is tiny but very powerful and does everything you want a tiller to do. Has two sets of tines, so for narrow spots, I just pull the pins, remove one set, replace the pins and away I go! (this makes it easy to clean too)

It has a depth lever on the back, so you can set how deep you want it to dig.

I bought 100 ft of extension cord for mine, so I have plenty of length to reach my veggie garden up on the hill.
The electric is much lighter than the gas tiller, and costs less too.

Hold the handle, flip the switch, and away she goes. No yanking. You do have to be careful not to get the extension cord tangled in the tines, and I have to tie the extension cord to the handle or it comes unplugged, but other than that, it's a sweet deal!

I think you would like it Christine.

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I think I would too. I'm going to look into it. I did wonder about the cord being a in the way but I suppose like you say you would get used to it. My Yard Boss has two sets of interchangeable tines also but I usually just use the cultivator set and keep them on all the time. There are other tools I can buy to add on. One other question about the electric version, do you think there's the same amount of power? Sometimes the longer the extension cord (which for me would be appx 100' too) the less power you get.

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Oh heck ya! Turn it on and hang on for your life!
Takes a bit of getting used to - that much power in such a lightweight machine, but it does the job, even in compacted soil.
The nice thing about it is that if it starts to pull in a direction you don't want it to go, or it seems to be getting away from you, just let go of the handle and it stops immediately!
Super powered little machine. It'll dig to China if you're not careful!!! (ha ha ha)

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