Nanking Cherries How Close to Well

chewbroccoliJune 1, 2014

I am putting in a fence around my yard (cedar posts/welded wire) and wanted to plant a nanking cherry hedge along the outside of it partially for a privacy barrier. There is a well head 7 feet out from the fence line. If I were to plant along the outside of the fence, the hedge would have to go between the fence and the well. To close? I am wondering what is the minimum distance I can plant a nanking cherry to the well. Also, how far from the fence should I plant them? Perhaps I will have to have the hedge on the inside of the fence? Or abandon the idea of a hedge altogether and plant a rose vine that will climb the fence in the area adjacent to the well... but would the rose be to close to the well too?

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The cherries are a hedge-type plant. You really can train and prune it as you see fit. Seven feet is absolutely no problem. After three or four years, my NC are only about 4' wide, and although they may get taller, I don't think I want them any wider.

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Hi Drmbear,

Thank you for your reply. It's good to know that about the width. Let's say my hedge is four feet wide, then I would want a two foot space from the fence, so the bushes would be planted about 5 feet from the well head. I am actually not worried about the bush growing out, main concern is the roots doing damage to the well. I'm trying to get an idea of how far the roots will explore.

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