how to grow chayote in florida?

coyleJune 29, 2009

I bought a couple from the grocery store and have had them on my windowsill for awhile and they are sprouting so now I guess I should bury them except for the sprout in the shade in pots and later put them in the sun right? Will they grow up a tree in partial shade or do they need full sun? Actually will they be able to handle full sun in FLA?

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chrisvelas77(Socal 10b)

I don't live in Florida but I have been growing it for years its very easy to grow it likes full sun but the temperature here doesn't go up to the 80's. When I was small my grandma just grabbed the fruit from the vine and leave it on the ground and cover it with dirt and just like that it grew into a big vine so it doesn't require too much care. What's odd is when ever my mom would prepare the food the blood from the meat was mixed with a little bit of water and place on the vined and increased its production. Yes they will grow up a tree, It likes full sun but not necessary, and keep the sprout in shade because it may get burned if the temperature is high.

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I think Chayote would grow in your place. Chayote grows best where summer temperatures are very warm to hot. Hope to see a photo of your growing Chayote.

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tomncath(St Pete Z10a Heat 10)

How about an update, what did you do with them and how are they doing?

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I have one growing in full sun in a pot and it was doing fine until the temps got into the 90's. Now the leaves are wilting and looks like I might lose the plant. :-(

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too much sun. I lived in the tropics where we grew these veggies.. They may like heat but the heat in Florida is unusually hot. And Florida's humidity is nothing compared to the tropical humidity. It's the sun there. I visited there in August so I can only relate that that kind of sun. I felt like I was being radiated. We get that kind of sun from around 12- 3 and it eases up afterwards. In contrast, Florida in August had this sort of sun from 9 a.m. to nearly 5 or 6 p.m. That's so exhausting.

anyway, you could try it again, but this time over take a black netting material to create dappled shade effect on your plant. Allow it to aclimatize outdoors before removing the net completely. This is a gourd on a vine by the way despite it's looks. So it will need something to climb on.

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merlatons will grow here the summer heat does require a little more wate. but you said it is in a pot they dont like that their roots need more room. a mature plant will have a root system of 10ft. x 10 ft. if you plant it next to a tree you will have to climb to get to fruit, but the squirrels will love you for it.

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