rhubarb looks sad!

rookiegardener(z5IN)June 23, 2004

I transplanted a neglected rhubarb plant earlier this year. The stalks have always been puny (never harvested them per recommendations here). The leaves had looked very healthy, I just returned from a trip to find most of the leaves dying off, and what leaves are left are yellowing on the edges. Most of the puny stalks are now exposed because the leaves have died off. The ground has not been watered, only rain, which I think has been about right. They are next to tomatoes that I sprayed with fungicide. I hate to lose this plant, any ideas? Wondered if I should go buy a bag of manure at Franks and sprinkle on ground. Thanks!

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Yes! They are very heavy feeders. Try to keep them well watered, too. Well drained, fertile soil in partial sun works well for me. Mine looked puny this spring, so I spread a bag of manure around them, and within a couple of weeks they were growing like crazy.

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Okay I got the manure today, "how thick should I spread it" over the plant? Thanks again.

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seraphima(z4 AK)

I plant rhubarb with several inches to a foot (!) of manure in the hill. (not covering them) They really are heavy feeders! They can stand a lot of nitrogen, and will not burn once roots are established.

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