Anyone growing Indian gooseberry in the West?

hardy_transplant(z5a NY State)June 17, 2004

I would like to grow the Indian gooseberry, Phyllanthus emblica. It is known as amla or amalaki in Sanskrit.

It is a medium-sized deciduous tree with small fruit that look very much like the European gooseberry, Ribes grossularia, but is not related. It is a member of the euphorbiaceae family.

It grows well in the plains and foothils of northern India and Afghanistan and the foothills of the Himalayas. It tolerates snow and freezing.

Has anyone tried this in Europe or the Americas?

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Try posting in the fruit&orchard forum.

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pad1(N CA)

I have one growing in a pot. Hasn't done too well till now.
Seems quite susceptible to cold once it breaks dormancy.

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Haven't tried it personally but am interested in starting. If you have a permanent spot for the plant this site should be helpful: I'm still looking around for a site that talks about keeping it in a pot because that's what I intend on doing.

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I live in Z 10, we have an Amla tree its 2yrs old doing pretty good but since its from a seed and not a graft it takes 6 to 8 yrs to fruit :(

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